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Book Blitz & Review... Sara Humphrey's Brave the Heat

Brave the Heat (The McGuire Brothers, #1)
Brave the Heat
The McGuire Brothers Series
320 Pages
Published: September 1st 2015
Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca


The only fire he can’t put out…

Jordan McKenna is back in town, and Fire Chief Gavin Maguire’s feelings when he sees her after all these years are as raw as the day she left. Then he was just a kid wearing his heart on his sleeve. Now he spends every day trying to atone for the tragedy he couldn’t prevent.

Is the torch he carries for her...

Jordan’s life has not exactly worked out the way she expected. A divorced mother of two with a failed acting career, Jordan’s biggest concern about coming back to Old Brookfield was seeing her first love. But when a series of suspicious fires breaks out, Jordan and Gavin realize that dealing with the sparks between them may be the least dangerous of their problems.

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“We can’t be friends,” he said quietly. The line between his brows deepened. “I was fooling myself.”
“Fine.” Her heart thundered in her chest and blood rushed in her ears, the sound blocking out everything else. “We’re done. Move, please. I have to finish this and go pick up my girls.”
Good, she thought. He was being the brave one and saying what she didn’t have the courage to say. Tears pricked the back of her eyes, and her breath stuck in her throat as she struggled to find her voice again. Clutching the flowers to her chest with both hands, she licked her suddenly dry lips, her eyes searching his. He remained resolute and unmoving. Damn him. What was his problem? Would he not be satisfied until she was a weeping heap on the floor?
“Please move,” she whispered.
“No.” His mouth set in tight line and a deadly, feral look flashed in his eyes. “We are far from done.”

~~~Barb’s Review~~~
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First, I must thank NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of Brave the Heat to read in exchange for an honest review.

Also... I was reading slow so... I bought Brave The Heat on audiobook. And oh my Gawd!!! Talk about a five alarm fire! Holy hotness!! I am so team Gavin! Sara hit a homerun with his one. A great start to what I know will be a most epic series! Sara’s words plus a hot fireman story = a big WIN! As I knew I would, I absolutely L-O-V-E-D every minute of it! Completely took me in and was a must keep going. Sleep? Who needs it.

When Jordan Mckenna moves back to her childhood hometown to be closer to her parents, to get away from her abusive, drunk ex-husband and to give her two young daughters a life that they need and deserve. Lily and Grace need to get to know what it is to be kids and in a place that is home. To say there are still sparks between Jordan and Gavin would be like saying a thunderstorm is brewing. They could drown in the depths of what is there for them. The love and hurt that has always been there is pushed into high gear. Gavin, from the moment he sees her again outside the firehouse, is in heaven again. And it’s easy to say they don’t miss a beat. Jordan of course is apprehensive. She has so many things going on in the basket of life. So many things to keep from dropping.

It doesn’t take long for it to all get tossed up in the air and the sparks to grow into embers. The need to be close to her, the need for her to try and fight off the feelings she has for Gavin.. well they all come to a head. I mean at some point in life you have to toss all the flower petals in the sky and let them fall where they may right? I mean how else are you to know what is going to happen. But it’s the night that Jordan’s father passes that I think really set forth Jordan’s need to be true to herself. to know it was okay to let him in, to let her and Gavin get a second chance at what they had.  That fact is solidified for her when her ex shows up, unannounced, unwanted and drunker than a two dollar whore on friday night. Gavin is able to swoop in and get the trash taken out. And as for Jordan she falls a little further down the rabbit hole.

Being a firefighter is hard work, dangerous work and all about the caution and knowledge of what to do and how to do it to keep yourself safe. That doesn’t however, always mean that you are safe. Accidents happen though. And when one of their own is taken down during a fire it’s Gavin who takes it the hardest. Its his childhood all over again. The blame game is all he has to work with… or so he thinks. Not that you can blame him. He believes he is responsible for them all. As I guess anyone with a heart would be. So he takes it hard, but thankfully Gavin has Jordan there to give him a kick in the pants when he needs it most to get his head back in the game the way it should be.

But as with anything in life, nothing is guaranteed and nothing is going to stand still long enough to be squashed out. Especially fires and the fight to keep yourself alive for the person, or persons that have come into your life to make you feel like you are truly living. One thing Gavin knows now.. he has someone, a few someone’s to live for and by George, that is what he is going to do. Tomorrow is not promised so live everyday as if it’s your last.

Industry Buzz for BRAVE THE HEAT by Sara Humphreys

Publishers Weekly:
The first McGuire Brothers contemporary boasts suspense that burns as hot as the love scenes. It’s been 15 years since Jordan McKenna left Old Brookfield, N.Y., right after high school graduation. Gavin McGuire, who’s now the town’s fire chief, was dating her then and still isn’t over her. From his perspective, she just disappeared; he has no idea that Jordan ran off to New York City to become an actress and escape her abusive father. Unable to find success, she married a wealthy man who turned out to be another abuser. Hoping to save her daughters, she leaves him and brings the girls back to Old Brookfield. As soon as Gavin sees Jordan, he rushes to propose that they restart their relationship—a move quite at odds with his otherwise sensible attitude—and she calmly declines, determined to show her girls she’s able to stand on her own. But when an arsonist strikes the town, Jordan and Gavin end up working together to find the culprit while fanning their own embers of attraction into passion. This crafty romance, with its spirited characters, will leave readers anticipating the sequel. Agent: Jeanne Forte Dube, Forte Associates. (Sept.)

RT Book Reviews Magazine---September 2015

About the Author:
Sara Humphreys is the award-winning author of the Amoveo Legend series. The third book in the series, UNTAMED, won two PRISM awards--Dark Paranormal and Best of the Best. The first two novels from her Dead in the City series have been nominated for the National Readers Choice Award. Sara was also a professional actress. Some of her television credits include, A&E Biography, Guiding Light, Another World, As the World Turns and Rescue Me.

She loves writing hot heroes and heroines with moxie but above all, Sara adores a satisfying happily-ever-after. She lives in New York with Mr. H., their four amazing sons, and two adorable pups. When she's not writing or hanging out with the men in her life, she can be found working out with Shaun T in her living room or chatting with readers on Facebook. 

For a full list of Sara's books and reading order, please visit her website. www.sarahumphreys.com

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