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Blog Tour... Kolleen Fraser's Phoenyx Rysing

She will do anything to remember.
He will make sure she forgets.

Title:  Phoenyx Rising
Author:  Kolleen Fraser
Series:  Demigods, book 1
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Release Date:  March 25, 2015

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When Phoenyx Ember woke up in the burning remnants of a crater, she couldn't remember anything except her name. She is haunted by the blackness that envelops her past and the limitless power of fire coursing through her veins. 

She is charged with a crime she doesn't remember committing and shipped to the Academy, a home for the violent offenders and orphaned children of power. 

There, she will fight the darkness inside herself and look for answers to who she is and why her past was erased. 

Some secrets are meant to stay hidden.

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~~Emmy’s Review~~

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First off many thanks to Hot Tree Promotions and the author, Kolleen Fraser, who provided a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Phoenyx Ember is a fire starter, and that's pretty much all she knows of herself other than random flashes of memory.  She is sixteen when she is brought to the Academy, both for training and confinement. They tell her she's a murderer, but she has no memory of her crime, only the bands tattooed around her wrists telling the world she is a killer.  Her only chance of being allowed to leave the island of the Academy is to dedicate herself to becoming a Titan, a super soldier of sorts.

The world that this author has built is an interesting one.   The Academy reminds me of a cross between Dr Xavier's school in X-Men and Alcatraz.  Phoenyx is filled with both guilt and anger, and they both cause her to get herself into some sticky situations.   Her fire starting abilities are rare, and when she finds another student with the same talent she thinks she has found her soulmate. If only things could be that easy for Phoenyx.....

Behind all of this is the shadow figure of Marcus, the puppet master who holds the key to Phoenyx's vanished memories and her uncertain future.  He has his hand in her life in more ways than she could ever imagine.

I found the concept of this story intriguing, but I found myself frustrated with Phoenyx's terrible self worth issues. She spent a lot of time chasing around a guy who, in my humble opinion, wasn't worth the skin he stood up in. A lot of her struggles were led her to self growth, but I would have rather she didn't spend so much time beating up on herself for her choice of bed partners.  

This is only the first book in the Demigods series. Fans of fantasy and superhero storylines alike will find this series fascinating.

Kolleen is a wife, mom, author, beta reader and blogger. When she isn’t making her house a home for her husband and two young children she enjoys reading everything from paranormal to romance to YA and dark stories. But she spends her free time being held hostage by her current work in progress and letting her characters come to life through her words on paper.

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