Sunday, October 25, 2015

Introducing... Shari J Ryan's MADHAT Design Company

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This Sunday we are here to tell you about a new adventure that author Shari J Ryan as embarked on. Shari is getting back to her roots, so to speak. Most of you know, if you have read her books that Shari makes her own covers. Why does she do that? Because she has the know how and the graphic design background to be able to help her do just that. It’s one thing to bring art to life in writing, it’s another to bring to life on the cover of a book.

The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is so true. I know lots of reader focus on a book cover first. That FIRST impression is all you get a lot of times. So why not spend a little money and get a product that you know will draw the reader's eye to your book. Remember when people said “Sex Sales”? Well a good cover can do the same for a book.

What Shari has done is let her passion and love for her creativity blossom once more. Here is what she tell you, the customer, the friend, the curious bystander about her new design company, MADHAT Designs.

As an author, avid reader, and cover designer it’s probably easy to tell the amount of passion I have for the book industry.

After graduating with a degree in business, I felt compelled to stick to my dream of being an artist. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I was willing to fight for what I want to spend my days doing. After graduation, I went back to school to obtain a certification in graphic design from The Art Institute where I learned best practices as well as the foundation to growing within an art career. Along with delving into the world of photography, I have now been designing book covers, teasers and author branding materials for the past five years. I have a passion for portraying a story within the confines of a small canvas, and I adore meeting new authors and making new friends along the way. This really is the most incredible industry, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

At Mad Hat, not only do we offer custom covers, premade covers, and premium exclusive stock covers, but we also teasers and author branding (logos, banners, and swag) as well. Make sure you check out our special packages!

RiserDisplay-300x300.jpg  ImmersedDisplay-300x300.jpg

The above covers are a couple of the “PreMade” covers Shari has on hand. Of course every cover she does is completely adaptable to the vision you want. She is the Disney to your Walt. It will be a match made in pixels.

Pictured below are some of the “Exclusive” covers that are available. The cover photos, the models and the photographer (Shari) are all a part of the MADHAT Design world.

ComeHometoMeDisplay-300x300.jpg   TimeandLove_Display-600x600.jpg

Now, for a full scale assault on your eyes go to and take a look around. Any questions feel free to message Shari via the contact page on MadHat Designs or find her on Facebook, Madhatcovers or SJR Author Page. Or as always contact her via email (authorshariryan (@) gmail (.)com)  just add MadHat Designs in your subject line.

Many may ask why we as book blog are posting about a graphic designer. Many reasons but the main one, should be rule number one to any new author out there, a good cover sales. I can't stress that enough. As a blog that supports Indie authors we want to make sure you have everything in your arsenal to get the job done and making your dreams come true.

So with that being said we will also be partnering with MadHat Designs to help you with cover reveals. Its an all for one type of deal. So check Shari’s designs out and we will see you on the flip side!

pttd promo tab.jpg

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