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Release Blitz & Review... Isabelle Richard's Love to Hate You

Love to Hate You is LIVE!

Some connections are so powerful they will not be denied. Despite doing everything in their power to fight their feelings, Chase and Arianna decide to give their love a second chance. They hope that the long, painful journey back to each other will have taught them not to make the same mistakes again. This time they’ll get it right. All they need is a little time for the wounds to heal.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop just because love is in the air. Just as they begin to reconcile, their relationship is bombarded by crisis after crisis throwing their lives into a tailspin. Had they learned from their past, Chase and Arianna would find a way to lean on each other during trying times. But some people never learn.

Instead of revealing their strength, each challenge exposes their vulnerabilities. The cracks in their relationship turn into chasms as they let each other down time and time again. Hurt and betrayal overshadow the love, and they slip back into old habits. Hiding behind hatred for each other is much easier than facing the truth.

Will they find their way back to each other or will they stay trapped in the space between love and hate?

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~~~Emmy’s Review~~~

Many thanks to Sassy Savvy Fabulous PR and Isabelle Richards, who provided a free copy of  Love to Hate You in exchange for an honest review.

With that being said, this book will surprise you. At first glance, a reader may view this book as a regular contemporary romance, dramatic in places, funny in places, set against a "sports" romance background. All of this is true, but these things only scratch the surface of both this novel, and this author's talent.  This author can do dark. She can do heartbreaking. And she does it amazingly well.

Love to Hate You picks up directly where Hate to Love You leaves off, right in the middle of a huge misunderstanding between Chase and Arianna.  Chase's ex, Jenna, has not taken no for an answer, with hilarious results. I found myself wondering if Ari had been abducted by aliens---her reactions were completely different than the previous book. It was a welcome change, because while it was entertaining for them to be at each other's throats constantly, eventually someone had to bend. Jenna is relentless, and was a major player in what I thought was the most comical scene in the book. Trust me, you will crack up laughing every time you pass a display of pregnancy tests after reading this scene.

This novel packs a lot of action into a short period of time. At 33% in, I felt like I had read an entire novel's worth of events. I read a review earlier where the reviewer noted that in this novel it seemed that Chase was the more mature of the two, and I have to agree. He grew up in this story for me, becoming both responsible and trustworthy. In the previous book I wouldn't have trusted him any further than I could have thrown him.  This is a great contrast to Ari's character, because after suffering a devastating loss she becomes the one in need of guidance. Everything she thought to be absolute truth is called into question, and she has to witness the foundation of her whole world crumbling into pieces. She breaks, and very nearly destroys herself, and it's painful to watch.  Chase is faced with a terrible choice--how far do you go to save the woman you love, and does she even want to be saved?

I cannot sing this author's praises loudly enough.   I was fond of her before, but this series has catapulted her into my "buy whatever she writes" list. That list is pretty darn short. I admire her fearlessness in tackling the hard and dark subjects. She's not afraid to show her teeth.  I am eagerly awaiting her next book.

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Isabelle Richards Bio

Isabelle Richards spent years as a speech writer before attempting to write fiction. An avid reader of all genres, Isabelle is drawn to romance novels as they provide an escape from daily life. Through her complex cast of characters, Isabelle creates a sanctuary for readers to dive into for a break from reality.

When she is not writing, Isabelle works as an advocate for persons with disabilities in Washington, DC. Her two yellow labs are her writing partners, although they frequently sleep on the job.

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