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Barb's Book Review... Blue Lines

Blue Lines (Assassins, #4)
Opposites do more than just attract in Toni Aleo’s latest Nashville Assassins novel about a very bad boy and the good girl he can’t resist.

The instant Piper Allen sees Erik Titov, she wants him—wants his rock-hard body, sure, but the strength and mystery that lies behind that superstar hockey jock demeanor, too. So when he sidles up to her at a bar and slinks his arm around her waist, she’s lost. What follows is the wildest night of her life . . . followed by inevitable heartbreak the next morning. And then, a few weeks later, a very big surprise: two blue lines on a pregnancy test.

Only a check to the head could make Erik fall for a nice girl like Piper. But since their crazy-sexy night together, he’s been trying to forget about her alluring body by falling into bed with every woman in Nashville, and it’s not working. So when Piper shows up at his house with a baby-bomb to drop, it doesn’t take much for Erik to suggest the nuclear option: marriage. While it’s supposed to be all for show, the second they say “I do,” the ice between them starts to melt into sizzling steam.

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I loved this book! Loved, loved, loved. I'm  sooooo team #Piper!! Talk about a spicy little fire cracker that can keep anyone on her toes. Girlfriend has some serious skills. Not only is she smart, beautiful and frugal, she's ten shades of talent. There is a lot of sass in that little package, too. Erik, I love Erik but there were more times than not that I wanted to jump into the book and slap him in the head. Seriously, dude get ya shit together.

Piper Allen is on a roller coaster she calls life. Working hard at a job she's had for over a year, doing the drawings for a children's book and just being her. But six months ago one night with a man at a bar... has left her with a growing waistline and a need to tell the baby's daddy and her family that she's pregnant. There is only a few people that know of the pregnancy, so it's a race to figure out what to do. Does she tell Erik that their one night together resulted in a baby?

Could she tell him? Yes but it was hard. Erik wasn't all that happy with her when she told him. He never wanted kids. Never wanted a wife. Never wanted to put anyone in his path. Afraid that he would be just like his father… he reacts to the impending ‘doom’ and follows his friend Phillips ‘why don’t you marry her’. Though he can’t say it’s all about that. Ellie and his team is tired of him becoming the whore of the Assassins and he is under probation to straighten himself up. This could be his chance to do just that. So what does he do? He thinks of himself. Typical arsehole man move but its what they do. What shocked the brussel sprouts out of me is Piper went along with it. (facepalms) Why? because she secretly loves the arse.   

Giving themselves a shot gun wedding in the courthouse and Erik moving in with her that day starts off a chain reaction of ups, downs and then more downs. Talk about putting the cart and road before the horse.. and it’s not something that they can easily adapt to either. After their “shotgun” wedding Erik moves into Piper’s house. The couch is his new bed and her living room is now a gamer’s paradise. And let’s not forget the Bulldog. Stanley. Talk about a ham of a dog. Though I think if Piper were given a choice at that time between him and the dog, Stanley might have won out because all Erik does is drive her up the wall.

As time passes they learn to survive each other being there but when Erik misses an appointment for the baby’s ultrasound Piper flips her shit. Like she goes totally cray cray. When she storms into the house she sees red. She takes a hockey stick and demolishes Eriks entire gaming system. He is pissed but he gets more upset with himself since he’s caused her pain. That moment starts to mold and change not only the relationship he has with Piper but the way he seems himself. I really think his past has him so messed up that he has no other option than to prove he is not his father and mother. He will be a good dad. A good husband. A good man, period.

The battle of good vs evil makes the times Erik is in his own head look like a cake walk. Seriously, the dude is trippin. And a few people know this is a farce but they don;t say anything. he is a good man and it slowly starts to show more and more as he pens up and becomes the Erik that Piper knows and loves. The man that is the father to her child is the one that she belongs to forever more. The one man that she will forever cherish.

About the Author:

My name is Toni Aleo and I’m a total dork.

I am a wife, mother of two and a bulldog, and also a hopeless romantic.

I am the biggest Shea Weber fan ever, and can be found during hockey season with my nose pressed against the Bridgestone Arena’s glass, watching my Nashville Predators play!

When my nose isn’t pressed against the glass, I enjoy going to my husband and son’s hockey games, my daughter’s dance competition, hanging with my best friends, taking pictures, scrapbooking, and reading the latest romance novel.

I have a slight Disney and Harry Potter obsession, I love things that sparkle, I love the color pink, I might have been a Disney Princess in a past life… probably Belle.
… and did I mention I love hockey?

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