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Barb's Review... Ashes to Sparks

Ashes to Sparks
Ryan Jeffries is a firefighter – 33 year old, 6’5, red hair, green eyes. His 8 yr marriage he found was a sham – their 7 yr old caught in the middle of a nasty divorce, where his ex doesn’t want him to have any time with his daughter.

In the process of getting custody of his daughter, he finds himself interested in his daughter’s teacher – Lindsay Archer – who he thinks is married until a car accident shows him differently. All the feelings he kept saying he would never share with a woman again, based on the disaster of his marriage is coming back full-tilt with Lindsay. They become soul mates in a quick period of time.

Events that would ruin a couple hold them closer together - read to find out more.

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First, thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of Ashes to Sparks for me to read in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this story. This is was a new author for me. And I am glad I came across this one. The story hit a few hard places and it could have trigger points in it for some as well. Fair warning. But all in all it is a great story of loss, heartache, love and the power of the human mind. There are so many things that one has to face in day to day life, so many of us take the simple things for granted but with Ashes to Sparks you get to see how one couple, one family will handle those struggles.

In Ashes to Sparks we meet Ryan Jeffries who is a divorced fireman with a bad temper. An ex-wife that is a nasty woman. His 7 year old daughter Kristen is stuck in between her father and mother's divorce and custody battle. But like any 7 yo she is adaptive. When her teacher Lindsay gets in the picture more and more when he mother fails to pick her up from school Ryan and Lindsay take a liking to each other. After months of chatting, living through the nightmare that is the custody hearing for Kristen Ryan is granted full custody of his daughter.

As Ryan and Lindsay's relationship grow the need they had for one another. Ryan's family loves Lindsay, of course and she is good for Ryan. With Lindsay by his side he seems to settle into a new attitude. He is less angry and it's due to the calming effect she has on him. But when things with his ex (who is a total twattwaffle) start to heat up again tempers flair again. And just when you think things will settle down, all hell breaks loose in the worst of ways. Wendy, the hell of an ex has forged paperwork and gotten his daughter from school. Now the search is on to find her.

As the family tries to hold out hope that the events of Ryan's ex don't ruin hm or their family it's Lindsay who stands by Ryan, keeping him in control of the monster (aka RAGE) that has invaded his insides. His life's been turned upside down, turned over and shaken all about. It's the hokey pokey from hell but they make it through it. Ryan does eventually get the call about his daughter but again it isn't a call he wants to take. She has been taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. This however is not the hardest part to face. The darkness that consumes Ryan normally is triple fold now that his little girl, his baby has been hurt. When Kristin wakes from her ordeal it's to her father's face.

Lawyers, testimony and court dates set them all into a whirlwind again of emotions that take over. But in the ned love and family beat out any of the darkness that encroached in on them. It’s a true show of love conquering all.

Again, I want to warn you this story may have a few subjects that are sensitive to some. Its definitely 18+ because of that. It's a really good story too. Intense, enlightening and full of a few dozen emotions.


About the Author:
Jeanine Binder grew up in a small town in California on the outskirts of Palm Springs, where the Hollywood celebrities liked to vacation. After thirty years, she packed up, moved to Arkansas where she still lives today. Her hobbies include her writing, reading good books, and seeing exotic places (loves to go on cruises).

Writing has always been a passion and hoping the next twenty years will bring many enjoyable books for others to read.

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