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Barb's Review... Tangled in the Laces & Laces and Lace


Tangled in the Laces

This is the prequel to 'Laces and Lace' and is included inside that book as well as in the anthology 'Seduced by the 'Game'

In Tangled in the Laces, Karson King is on the fast track to the NHL. Lacey Martin is coming back from a hard fight against cancer and is terrified of him but the attraction is too much to ignore. Soon their love is so intense, neither of them see the rest of their lives without the other. Will Karson prove that he will protect her heart at all costs, or will he leave Lacey to pick up the pieces of her life once again?



Laces and Lace

Nine years ago, things were perfect. Lacey and Karson had found their happily ever after in each other…or so they thought. How do two people who were meant to be move on from that once-in-a-lifetime love?

Lacey has a strength inside her that comes alive with the things she’s most passionate about. She’s a fighter, a survivor, and has everything she’s ever wanted but the one thing that matters most—love.

Karson is doing the one thing he loves most—playing hockey for the Assassins, yet he knows regret. He knows his life has been missing the one thing he walked away from so many years ago—Lacey.

Nine years later, and neither has been able to succeed in moving on from what was, what could have been, and who each of their hearts still beats for. When a chance encounter during a fateful night has their paths crossing again, will the tether still attaching their souls allow them to face the past, present, and a possible future?

Can two people with fate on their side find a way back to each other? Overcome all the obstacles in their way to finally live life together to the fullest?

Or will they let those around them and the circumstances they face, along with questions and doubt, ruin a second chance at the life they both deserve?

Laces and Lace includes the prequel Tangled in the Laces, a dollar of your purchase will be donated to the Nashville Predators Foundation.

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The version of Laces and Lace that I have (e-book & audio) also includes the novella, Tangled in the Laces. Both reviews follow.

Tangled in the Laces
Holy crap. Tangled in the Laces, the novella introducing you to Karson and Lacey.. heart wrenching. Ugh, not even gonna lie I was in tears for part of it. (laughs) But on a serious note it was a heart clenching thing to get into. Why? Uh, cause dude, that is some heavy shit to get into. Breast Cancer has to be one of the scariest words ever made. As a woman I think I speak for many when I say that is one of the worst things any woman can face. Breast Cancer can be a silent killer. One day you are fine then BAM, you’re not. Tied up in Laces introduces us to Lacey, a scared, shy, insecure girl who at a young age lost her mother to Breast Cancer then at the age of 17 lost her breasts to the cancer.

Now in college Lacey is trying to be her old self again and it’s not until she meets Karson King that she starts to do just that. Live a little. Be her old self. Want to be out and around. Karson being the kind of man anyone would love to have at their side he accepts her as she is. Her brother, Grady who is Karson’s best-friend at the time is not impressed he is dating his sister. Nate Ross, Lacey’s evil cunt of a father is not a fan and let me tell you that is one hateful old bastard. Ugh. So not a fan of Nate Ross…. wish he’d get a major case of crabs and his pecker would fall off.

Just when they have decided to just live for them, be together forever, no matter what… the unthinkable happens (no, not that.. ) her father, Karson’s hockey coach rears his big ugly ass up in their business and Karson is forced to leave Lacey behind. Breaking them both in ways that they just may not  Poor Karson. Poor Lacey.

Laces and Lace
Okay sooooooo….. when I started Laces and Lace I was heart-effing-broken for Karson and Lacey. Still am. (Laughs) In a way at least. Lace and Laces takes place 9 frigging years later. Both Karson and Lacey have moved on with their lives and careers. Karson of course is a professional hockey player. and Lacey made her dreams come true, opening the shop to supply clothes to girls and women who have or had breast cancer. Really anyone that just needs to feel pretty.

Some say, “second chances are possible”, “all good things come to those that wait” and then there are the ones like me that say, “shit just happens” not that it’s a bad thing. But I believe things happen for a reason and when they do you just go with them. Keeping that in mind we go back to Karson and Lacey. It’s a cold night in Chicago. Karson is fighting the feelings that always race through him when he has a game in Chicago. he does all he can to avoid any chance of running into Lacey. Lacey is trying to get home and off the streets, again, to avoid any chance of running into Karson. So what happens when they both jump in a cab at the same time? SPARKS!!!!

That chance encounter leads them into a place they never thought they’d be at again. In each other's arms. But is it THAT easy? Hell to the no. Once her family finds out what is going on they flip. Her father calls the cops on Karson. Why would he do that, you ask? Well first he is a douche. Second he is afraid the truth will come out. And third, did I mention he was a douche? Well you get it but let me tell you why her family is freaking…. no one has heard from her all day, or night. It hasn't been a sufficient amount of time to have missing persons paperwork done. So they are stuck. They all think Karson kidnapped Lacey. Which is FUNNY. They are all clueless twats.

When Lacey finally makes contact with them they get the news of a lifetime. She and Karson are married. Yep you heard right. Married. Gotta love Vegas and Karson’s need to claim her in every way possible didn’t hurt either. This sparks the anger in her old nasty twatwaffle of a father so when they return he is at her apartment building waiting to pounce. It’s then that Lacey and Karson can move on with their new life of married bliss. But is it ever that easy? Uh, no. Her family is on the roll for a “Biggest twat” award when it comes to Karson and Lacey and their marriage. Though they don’t like him for many reasons.

When they try to have a Thanksgiving in Nashville with her family and his things get a little crazy. No one is happy with Lacey’s family. I mean, who would be so when they show up things go from crazy to ‘let’s join the circus’ crazy. Karson’s father belts Lacey’s father in the nose. (Which was WELL deserved and applauded, no joke.) Then Lacey’s soon to be stepmonster gets all snooty and Karson’s sweet, demure little mama says, “Don’t make me pull your weave out’ and I lost it. That was priceless and SO what you would expect! Y’all that made this for me. To see the realness of it all. Frigging EPIC.  

After the failed holiday life is like a teeter totter for a while. Lacey is keeping a secret. Karson is keeping a secret and when it all comes out it’s one helluva revelation. But nothing is worth having unless you are going to fight for it. And fight Karson does. Lacey as well. They want the future her father stole from them. By george they are willing to fight tooth and nail to get just that. The house, the picket fence and the happily ever after. No one will keep them from what they want most in life…. each other. No struggle is too great.

About the Author:

My name is Toni Aleo and I’m a total dork.

I am a wife, mother of two and a bulldog, and also a hopeless romantic.

I am the biggest Shea Weber fan ever, and can be found during hockey season with my nose pressed against the Bridgestone Arena’s glass, watching my Nashville Predators play!

When my nose isn’t pressed against the glass, I enjoy going to my husband and son’s hockey games, my daughter’s dance competition, hanging with my best friends, taking pictures, scrapbooking, and reading the latest romance novel.

I have a slight Disney and Harry Potter obsession, I love things that sparkle, I love the color pink, I might have been a Disney Princess in a past life… probably Belle.
… and did I mention I love hockey?

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