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Blog Tour... Rose Sawyer's If I Seem Dangerous

He's preparing for the fight of his life.

Title: If I Seem Dangerous
Author: Rose Sawyer
Genre: MMA Romance
Release Date: October 20, 2015
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: Claire Smith

Darkness shrouds Noah James’ past. Drugs, alcohol, abuse—they cloud the few memories he has and threaten to eat away at his future. The only brightness in his life is Caitlyn Hale. She came crashing into his world the day he met with her father, the sports agent who could possibly give him a new start. That day, he left the agent's office with a professional fighting career ahead of him and the image of a hazel-eyed beauty imprinted in his soul. 

Rarely does life offer a glimpse of happiness without snatching it away. Just like he's always feared, the monster that haunts him comes roaring back. His entire life shatters, threatening to return him to the darkness he came from. The light-heavyweight champion is about to face the fight of a lifetime. He can only hope to make it through each round without losing the few things he has left.


~~Lauren's 4* Review~~
I want to start by thanking Hot Tree Promotions and Rose Sawyer for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for an honest review. 

Any who /really/ knows me and my love of books knows I have a weakness for MMA novels. I can’t say no to them. This was no exception. I will admit, reading it in third person threw me a little but once I got into the story, the characters drew me in. 

If I Seem Dangerous is a story about Noah, a professional MMA fighter who gets suspended after supposedly failing a drug test, twice, despite swearing he is clean. With the help of his calming force Caitlyn, they bring the ones responsible for trying to ruin his career down. 

~~Barb's 4.5* Review~~

First let me thank Hot Tree Promotions and Rose Sawyer for providing a copy of this novel to read in exchange for an honest review. 

Now, let me say this. This is not my first MMA romance. But... this one is different than the others but at the same time it's familiar. There are a few characters in this story that I love. Noah and Caitlyn are like coffee. He's the strong, almost too rich to drink coffee but add a little sugar to it and you can control the brother strength of it. That's what Caitlyn does for him. She's the sugar that mellows this big strong, haunted fighter out. The dynamics between them both are what drew me to them. They're easy to like. 

I love the originalness of this story. As I was reading Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons came on and it's totally Noah and Caitlyn's song. It sets the theme of this novel (for me). 


When we first meet Noah James, the new light heavy weight champion he is on top of the world... then the rug is pulled out from under him faster than he can say, wtf? A failed drug test leads to another... Noah is straight... and yet a second test comes back positive. During this process Caitlyn is the one to take charge and try to keep him calm and in control of himself. But... Noah decides she deserves better and takes off. 

Weeks later when he gets his head out of his arse he goes to see her. Caitlyn's dad, Lee, who was/is Noah's agent has grown up around fighters. Noah is one of her best friends so she is not going to back down and let him deal with this on his own. Thankfully the smart fairy pays him a visit and slaps him in the back of the head and he decides to let her in. Noah has a dark history. A bad past, one full of hurt, anger and darkness that he has serious trouble fighting. Caitlyn again is there to help him. One step at a time. 

When his illegal fighting starts to bring in bigger crowds.. a conspiracy theory starts to form. Confirmation that his so called speed donor is up to no good Spurs Noah into action. With the help of Caitlyn, Lee, Dustin and few others Noah is able to make a plan to keep himself out of more trouble. And hopefully get revenge on the man that has made his life a living hell. 


Rose Sawyer currently lives on campus full time while working on her undergraduate degree in Biblical and Religious studies with an emphasis on Religion and Sociology in California, where she was born and raised. On weekends, she travels home to see her parents and the gaggle of cats, dogs, horses and other four-legged animals that she loves.

At 19, she has written seven romance novels, is currently writing two more and has another two in the process of being published. The majority of her novels can be found at, where they are available to read for free.

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