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Title: The Storm RISES
Subtitle: An Alpha Billionaire Romance
Series: The Billionaire President (1)
Author: Sarah J. Brooks

Matthew Storm is a billionaire senator from Illinois, who has huge political ambitions. Seen as a “good boy” and all American kind of guy, he inherited his father’s money after he passed away and is intent on doing good with it. But there is a dark side about him, that the public doesn't know - and his vices could get him into a lot of trouble: women, booze and fast cars.

Michaela "Kayla" Wilson has just graduated with a degree in political science and looks for her dream job in Washington. She’s a good girl both in and out of the work environment and has a lot of confidence in other areas of her life, at least she thought so. But when she meets Matthew Storm, her whole life changes and things happen, that she never would have expected in her wildest dreams...

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His View

She was out celebrating something; I’m not sure what it was. I watched as her friends bought her drink after drink throughout the night. Her stature getting more and more unsure of itself as the alcohol took hold of her.

It didn’t look like she spent much time drinking. She surely didn’t look like she could hold her liquor very well.

I was just going to watch from afar. No intention of talking to her. I couldn’t risk it. There was too much going on in my life and the last thing I needed was a picture of me out with a young thing like her.

My jaw clenched when some frat boy pulled her away from her friends to dance. His hands moved quickly to the roundness of her ass, but she pulled them up to her waist. She smiled at him though, there was a desire in her eyes.

My eyes stayed glued to her body as she moved against him. She was small compared to his big football stature. Her petite waist cinched tight by a belt over what looked like a men’s button-up dress shirt. I had never seen a dress shirt look so enticing.

Three buttons were opened on the top and exposed the fringe of a white lace bra. Her voluptuous breasts just begged for attention and oh was the frat boy giving her the attention she desired. His eyes hardly looked at her and instead spent their time glaring at the mounds as she danced around.

The alcohol had given her the freedom to move around the dance floor without inhibition. It was a delight to see. Except she did so with the meat-head football star instead of someone experienced like myself, that was the downfall of the moment.

But I couldn’t be seen out with some young college girl on my week home from D.C., the press would have a field day with that picture. Oh, yes, I had made my fair share of mistakes when it came to women. I had been pictured with a married woman, a fellow Senator, and even a hot young actress. I couldn’t make those mistakes anymore. I had a plan to stick to and a woman like her would surely distract me from my political goals.

I needed to find a woman that I could date and she would help the people feel more confident in me. Yes she had to be beautiful, but she also had to be politically minded enough to see the end game. In politics that might mean seeing five or even ten years down the road.

Her ass.

That damn ass kept teasing as she moved around to the music.

The dress shirt was short. So fucking short that every now and then I could see her ass cheek as it peeked out from under it. She either didn’t have panties on at all, or they were tiny g-string panties that barely covered her important parts.

Why the hell was she dancing with such an inexperienced kid?

A woman like her needed a man, not a boy.

His hands groped her like a plaything and she just let him. Her face was flush from the alcohol and I watched as she looked around for her friends. They were gone. Some kind of friends she had. They had just left her dancing with a strange guy.

As her football dance partner continue to grab and grope her, my delicious sweet assed girl finally got tired of him and pushed him away. Good girl I thought to myself. You don’t need to settle for a jerk like that. She didn’t need to settle for anyone. I hated to see young women so willing to give themselves to jerks. Even though I sometimes was that jerk they gave themselves to. I had the knowledge to treat them right and the wisdom they needed. It was never a loss if they spent the night with me.

Finally, she had some sense.

I watched as she looked around the club for her friends some more. She finally found a couple of them near the bar. They hugged and seemed to be congratulating her, but she didn’t stay long. As she made her way out of the club to the street, I followed her. She looked so innocent, so lost, so out of place for downtown Chicago.

She shouldn’t have been walking around in that area in that outfit. It was dangerous.

Her View

I landed my dream job. It was quite the celebratory night with my friends. We went to dinner after work and then out to the club. My friends from the bookstore were insanely awesome.

It took four years of college and finally landing my dream job before I ever loosened up on a night out with them. It was worth celebrating, though; I had just heard I got the position with Senator Storm’s office in Washington D.C.

A job in Washington right out of college was insane. No one got that! But I did. My perfect grades, charity work and involvement in the college had won me the interview. I almost threw up before my Skype call with Phillip Warren the week before.

Phillip was the Chief of Staff for Senator Storm and pretty much my only way into the job. Luckily for me the stars aligned and Phillip liked me and my work ethic. He seemed amused that I had two part-time jobs, went to school full-time and still found time for my charity work. I didn’t go into how crappy my life would be if I didn’t work so damn hard. Working hard was my only outlet.

Yes, I had danced with George. He was the fucking star of our football team. A guy like that just didn’t go after a girl like me very often; I had to take advantage of the moment. The alcohol had given me the courage to say yes. I definitely would have been too shy if I hadn’t spent the previous five hours drinking.

As I moved around the dance floor with him, I quickly realized the only thing he had going for him was his muscles. My four years of desire to be wanted by a guy like him quickly faded as he opened his mouth. Nothing but stupidity came out. ‘Hey girl, you're fine,’ he had said. There was no originality, no actual interest in me. I suspected he would have fucked any girl who willingly lifted her skirt for him. That wasn’t my type of guy.

My body wasn't used to the amount of alcohol I had consumed. When I realized many of my friends had made their way out of the club, it was time for me to head home too. I needed to get packed for my trip to Washington D.C.

I gave some hugs to the last few friends I saw and then headed out front to grab a cab back to my dorm room. A night of partying wasn’t really my thing and all I could think about was how great my bed would feel when my head hit my pillow.

Finding a cab in downtown Chicago usually wasn’t an issue. They were everywhere; except that night.

I stood out front for a minute and then gave up pretty quickly and decided to just take the subway. It wasn’t my favorite mode of transportation, especially when I was dressed up in heels and looking good. But the Chicago subway was safer than most people thought. My second job was as a hostess at a restaurant downtown and sometimes I didn’t get off work until after midnight; I had never had an issue taking the subway home.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to figure out where the nearest subway entrance was. I walked three blocks over to where I thought it was and there was nothing there. Admittedly, the alcohol had probably messed with my brain and made it hard for me to remember my normal route to and from the subway.

I decided to sit in front of a store for just a minute while I tried to get my bearings as to which way the subway was. Then I remembered my friends had rented a room downtown for us to crash at. Damn, I must have been really drunk because I had totally forgotten. But for the life of me I couldn’t think of the name of the hotel. I did remember that it was near the shopping center on the other side of the club, though.

My eyes were so tired and my feet also. I needed to rest my feet for just a moment before I walked back the other way toward the hotel.

Out of the corner of my vision, a rough looking guy walked toward me. My instinct was to get up and walk away quickly, but the pain in my feet from my four-inch heels made the only option to just sit there. I hoped he wouldn’t bother me and would just keep on walking by.

I wasn’t so lucky.

“Well aren’t you a sweet piece of ass,” the man said as he sat next to me on the bench.

Running away didn’t seem like an option, but he was obviously drunk; so I thought he probably wasn’t that dangerous. Drunk guys were typical in the downtown area and I had plenty of experience brushing them off. I wasn’t afraid of him, at least at first. He seemed like a normal guy who had just drank a little too much.

“I’m just heading back that way,” I said as I stood up. “Have a good night.”

The pain in my feet was horrendous, but I stood up and started to walk away.

His hand grabbed onto my wrist and held it tight; so tight that I got scared. He was at least six feet tall and could easily out muscle me. I looked around quickly and didn’t see anyone I could call out for help from. Panic rushed through my body.

I had made it four years in college without being assaulted, I wasn’t about to let this guy try it. I was only a few days away from flying to Washington D.C. for my dream job.

“Let go,” I said firmly.

“Oh baby, but your pussy is calling my name,” he said as his hand slipped between my thighs.


“Come on now. I’ll give you more pleasure than you could ever imagine,” he said and I watched as his other hand started to unbutton his pants.

I reached with both of my hands and tried to get free from him, but he had tightened his grip. For the first time ever, I was terrified. I couldn’t see a way out of the situation and I prepared myself to fight like hell.

“Sweetheart, there you are; I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” an incredibly sexy man said as he put his arm around me.

I stood motionless and just stared at him. I had no idea who the hell he was but I was so grateful he had shown up.

The rough looking thug quickly let go of my arm and stood up. His pants were half unbuttoned but with a quick glance at the man next to me the thug decided he should take off.

Relief flooded me and I felt my knees get weak.

“Let’s sit,” the man said as he helped me over to the bench.

“Oh my gosh, thank you,” I said as my hands shook. “I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

He was built like a God. The kind that was muscular beyond what any regular human should have. I felt the firm toned body he had under his t-shirt as I sat down. His eyes were dark, a deep brown I guessed, but the dark night made it impossible to see. I had never been so close to a man that was so obviously handsome. It left me speechless.

The fear of the moment still rushed through my body. I could feel the adrenaline and I suddenly didn’t feel drunk at all, although I could tell I probably still was.

“It’s not really safe for a smoking hot babe to be wandering around downtown alone,” he said to me.

Fuck he was sexy. And he called me HOT!

His hand still held onto my elbow from when he steadied me on my feet. The touch of him occupied every part of my brain. I couldn’t stop looking at him. There was something familiar about him, something comforting, yet sexy.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

He laughed. The way his eyes looked at me made me wet. They squinted and were firm with me. I could see the disappointment in them, but also I saw a desire. I had made a horrible decision to walk alone downtown. It was stupid and I knew it.

“What are you sorry for darling?”

“Um, I… well… for being out alone.”

His smile made my brain stop working. I couldn’t even think straight. The way he looked at me. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. His slow gaze washed over me and I couldn’t look away. I didn’t want to look away.

“Alright, well I think we should get you home. Where do you live?”

Oh no, I wasn’t about to tell this fucking hot as hell guy that I lived in the dorms on campus at the University. Shit! And I couldn’t remember the hotel name.

“I don’t live around here,” I said as I pulled my phone out and tried to find the text from my friends about what hotel they were at.

My phone slipped and crashed to the ground.

“Fuck,” I blurted out. “My friends, we are at a hotel. Goddamnit I don’t know which one.”

He didn’t seem to care at all that I had broken my phone. Obviously he wasn’t the kind of guy who worried about a $500 phone. By the looks of him he had money, lots of it. Although he was in a t-shirt, jeans, and some sketchers; his watch was a Rolex and I knew those didn’t come cheap.

“What do you suggest we do? I’m not about to leave you on the street,” he said as he picked up my phone and handed it back to me.

“It’s alright, I can take care of myself,” I said as I looked into his insanely handsome eyes.

He smiled a little half smile and seemed quite amused by me.

“Oh, yes. I saw that.”

“Really, I’m fine. I mean, thanks for getting that creep to leave; but I’ll be fine.”

“Yes, you are fine,” he said with a smile.

There was just something amazing about the way his eyes drilled into me. I felt like he could see past my outside and right into my soul. He was cocky, though, the kind of cocky that came from getting what he wanted. I could tell he usually got exactly what he wanted and probably expected that he could get me that easily as well.

“Ok, yes, thank you.”

Then it happened. The slow buildup of dizziness took over my body. I reached out and grabbed a hold of the hot strangers arm as my whole body started to sweat and I felt like I was going to fall over. My body decided to give up the alcohol and food I had consumed throughout the night, all over the ground.

Vomit spewed all over the shoes of the nice stranger, too and I was mortified.

His hands reached for my hair and pulled it back and my stomach rid itself of all the contents. Oh, how humiliated I was.

I couldn’t speak; I just looked at him and shook my head.

My body was so tired and overwhelmed. Either the combination of too much alcohol or the alcohol and the adrenaline from that incident; but I had officially puked on the hottest guy in Chicago.

“I guess now I have to take you home. I can’t leave a puking hot girl alone in Chicago.”

“Oh, please don’t be nice to me after that. God, I’m so sorry.”

His hands were still holding onto my hair and he pulled my head to face him. I’m pretty sure I still had puke somewhere around my mouth.

“Come on, you are coming back to my place. I won’t take no for an answer,” he said as he grabbed my elbow and helped me to my feet.

Oh, my aching feet. I looked down at my heels and wished I could just take them off, but the disgusting Chicago streets weren’t something I wanted my bare feet on.

I looked at his shoes and saw the remnants of my puke all over them. This was one saint of a guy to still want to take care of me after I had vomited all over him. Or he was just a much better predator than the thug looking guy?

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at him, he was too damn handsome. I couldn’t get past it. His rugged jaw line had just a touch of stubble on it. His brown hair was combed impeccably, I thought he looked like someone I knew, but I just couldn’t place him. Maybe he was one of the newscasters I had seen on television? He looked like the kind of guy you would see on TV. Totally handsome, put together, muscular and a Greek God's body.

“I can’t go home with a total stranger,” I said.

I was barely able to stand and he still had to hold me so I didn’t fall over. My body was exhausted from being sick and I needed to lie down.

“I’m not a stranger, I’m Matthew. What’s your name?”

“I’m Kayla. Well Michaela, but I like to be called Kayla. How do I know you’re not an ax murderer?”

“Well, first of all, you can look at my hands,” he said as he held up one of his hands. “See how smooth that is? I have never even held an ax.”

I laughed so hard I would have fallen over if Matthew hadn’t been holding onto me.

“I don’t go home with guys I don’t know.”

As much as I really would have love to go home with him. I was beyond a mess and didn’t really think being taken to his house in that condition was a good idea. I had puked and still felt ill, I needed a bed desperately.

“Kayla,” he said with a wicked smile, “I’m going to take you to my apartment. I’m going to let you take a shower and I’ll give you a shirt just like this one, but that is clean. I’m not going to try anything with you. I’m going to let you sleep in my bed and I’m going to sleep on the couch. That’s what’s going to happen right now.”

Matthew didn’t wait for me to answer as he wrapped one arm around my waist and used the other to steady me. We walked for about two blocks before we went into a building. It was a fancy apartment tower and I couldn’t help but look around in awe. I had been right about him, he was rich for sure.

When the elevator doors closed, I felt his body move closer to me. His hand squeezed my waist toward him and I wanted more. The feeling of his hands on my body sent electricity through me like I hadn’t felt before.

“Let’s get you into the shower,” Matthew said as we walked into his very large apartment.

I looked over at him with a smile. Oh, I was just fine with him taking a shower with me. In the light of his executive penthouse apartment, I had decided he was a good guy after all. No ax murderer could afford a Rolex and a penthouse. Plus there was just something about him. He was friendly, funny and had a smile to die for.

I instantly thought about Ted Bundy and how all the women he murdered had probably thought of those same descriptors. But Matthew was different, I couldn’t describe exactly why, but he was personable and he wasn’t a murderer. I knew it.

“I meant, I will help get you settled so you can take a shower,” he gave me that half-smile that had so much more behind it.

He sat me down on the bench in the bathroom and he left for a minute. I glanced around the room and couldn’t believe I was about to take a shower in there. The bathroom was enormous. That one room was larger than my entire dorm room that I had spent the last four years living in.

“Here,” he said as he handed me a freshly pressed white business shirt almost identical to the one I had on as a dress. “Or if you would prefer.” The other shirt he handed me was a white undershirt.

“Thank you,” I said as my eyes looked at the ground.

He pulled open the drawer under the sink and there were about a dozen new toothbrushes and other various women’s hygiene items. Suddenly I felt way out of my league. This guy had women stay over at his place so often that he had a drawer just for them. Shit!

“I’ll leave you to it,” he said with a smile as he pointed to the shower.

He walked backward out of the bathroom with his eye firmly planted on mine. It was an odd sensation to have a man look you in the eyes so directly. Especially since I was dressed so seductively. But that’s what made me want him. And oh did I want him.

Matthew was like no man I had ever been around. He was confident, dark, but also funny. His good looks automatically made me feel like a middle school girl with a crush. Maybe I had imagined him looking at me with lust, but I could have sworn he did. Perhaps he was just a nice guy. I hadn’t been around too many of those so it was hard for me to see one when they were right in front of me.

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Author Bio:
Sarah J. Brooks has been writing since she was 16 years old. She is a true romantic and lives her fantasies in her books.

Sarah loves to travel the world, because new places always inspire her. Right now she enjoys time in europe while writing new books.

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