Sunday, November 15, 2015

Emmy's Review... The Sweet Ones

The Bad People Are Coming.

Can five year old Tommy and his family survive a zombie attack by barricading themselves inside an old house?

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Holy Cannoli, that was good!!

First, many thanks to the author, who provided a free copy of The Sweet Ones in exchange for an honest review.  I’m so glad that he sent this on to us just in time for Halloween.  

This is a freaking sweet little gem of a novella. In only 25 pages, I was completely drawn into the story.  Five year old Tommy is the narrator, as he and his family flee a relentless crowd of the undead.  The story was made creepier, and more impactful, by the fact that you are seeing all of this through Tommy’s eyes.  ***Fast zombies, ya’ll….just sayin’...shudders***

This author has the ability to write a monster story that is character driven, rather than monster driven.  Tommy can’t understand everything that is going on around him, but the reader is not spared the feeling of dread that lurks in these pages.  The climax is stylishly done, and very poignant.  

I don’t compare many people to my favorite author, but I was reminded of Stephen King’s The Mist as I read this tale.  This is not this author’s first work, but rest assured it will not be the last of his that I seek out.  

Matter of fact, I found myself wondering if this novella could be the start of a longer story - the world that the author built in just this short space felt MUCH bigger than this small snapshot.  ***hint, hint***

Till next time, keep the axe handy

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  1. Hello Emmy,

    Thanks for reviewing the story, and I'm glad you liked it.

    You probably won't be surprised to learn that I LOVE Stephen King's short stories. My absolute favourite is Crouch End, but they're all good.

    No plans to write a follow up to The Sweet Ones I'm afraid, but I am working on a collection of short stories. I'll get in touch when it's done. Hopefully I can scare the pants off you ;-)