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New Release... Kaithlin Shepherd's Heart of the Music

When stubborn and determined collide, sometimes you have to fight dirty to win.

 Title:  Heart of the Music
Author:  Kaithlin Shepherd
Release Date:  November 21st
Genre: Contemporary / Rock Star Romance
Series:  Saints & Sinners, book 1
Cover Designer:  Claire Smith 
Publisher:  Hot Tree Publishing

Saints and Sinners front man, Jarrod Banks, has the looks and the voice that make women swoon, and he knows how to take advantage of every lyric and every wink. Not used to having to fight for the attention of an attractive woman, he can’t help but be drawn to his publicist, Patricia, who refuses to play his games. She’s the one woman whose love he’s going to have to earn and he’s not afraid to fight dirty.

Even managing a rowdy group of music sensations, Patricia Monroe is the consummate professional. For five years, she has kept her attraction to Jarrod under wraps, enduring his endless supply of women, but one day when locked in an elevator, revelations are made that could change it all.

When their relationship is put to the test, Jarrod is left with no other option than to pull every dirty trick in the book to show her she’s the only woman he’ll ever love.

On sale for $2.99. Original price $3.99

Heart of the Music by Kaithlin Shepherd
Series:  Saints and Sinners; Book #1
Publication Date:  11/21/15
Published By:  Hot Tree Publishing
Pages: 214
Format:  e-book
Source: Hot Tree Promotions and the author, in exchange for an honest review

~~ Emmy's 4 1/2 Star Review ~~

First off, many many thanks to Kaithlin Shepherd and Hot Tree Promotions for allowing me a free copy of Heart of the Music in exchanged for an honest review.  

This is my first “rock star romance”, but I enjoyed this experience so much that I will be seeking out more!  I surprised myself with how quickly I got through this book…..about a day and a half.  

Picture a cross between Adam Levine and Luke Bryan, and you’ve got Jarrod Banks.  He’s the whole package.  He writes, he sings, he leads the band.  He’s the one all of the women fall all over.  He’s got that “it” factor, and he knows it.  He and his band of brothers have been in the spotlight for the last five years, but he’s still humble.  He’s a genuinely nice guy.
Patricia is their publicist, but she’s much more than that….she discovered the band one night when just trying to get a beer and forget her problems. From the moment they started playing she was entranced, and with her PR know how, she catapulted them to international fame and fortune.  They have all become a big family type unit in the last five years that they have rode the fame train together.  They include her on all of their decisions, including songwriting sessions, so it’s safe to say that she is an unnamed member of the band.  Trish only has one real fear: that her attraction to Jarrod will become known.  She has been wildly attracted to him literally from the moment she saw him, and living in his pocket and the pockets of the other guys for the last five years hasn’t diminished that one bit.  She’s seen him through one skanky chick after another, pushing her own feelings aside.  Until one day in an elevator it all comes to a passionate head that Trish can no longer deny.  She doesn’t know it, but Jarrod has been keeping secrets from her as well.  He has been in love with her the entire time.

I really enjoyed this story!  It flowed seamlessly, weaving present day happenings with a significant event in the two lover’s lives some time before.  Both Jarrod and Trish’s head were pleasant places to be in, and blessedly free of much of the unneeded drama (for the sake of drama) that plagues romance novels these days.  I can safely say that I liked these characters - as in really liked them for the people that they were.  Neither one of them had any ultra annoying tendencies, such as arrogance or wimpiness.  They were fully rounded people, yes, complete with their own insecurities and such, but all in all, you LIKED them, just as they were.  Jarrod and Trish together as a couple was both hot and sweet.  I could read another whole book just about them.  

Be on the lookout for the second book in this series, Saved by the Music.  If you’re like me, it will immediately go on the “must buy” list.

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~~ Jess's 4 Star Review ~~

I was given a copy of Heart of Music in exchange for a honest review. I know one of my counter parts of the blog read it also. When I saw her comments about a easy read I was excited for it.

This book was a quick and easy read for me once I was able to settle down and read. There were many parts about the book that I loved. I really loved how the book had flashback parts of the book so you were able to watch the progression of feelings the main characters had for one another. When our dynamic duo finally saw the light I think I heard the hallelujah chorus come from up above.

While I felt that the book had a good build of the story it somewhat lacked a "shoe dropper" when the plot twist hit in the story. I felt there could have been something bigger happen to make you stop and say oh crap! And before anyone thinks I'm crazy this is just my thought... I felt like there was to much sex in this book. This couple was more the a lust filled haze but you wouldn't get that by the amount of time they hooked up in this book. I still gave this book 4 raindrops because I feel my opinion about the sex shouldn't negatively affect the overall thought of this book.

Kaithlin Shepherd was born and raised in Canada where she learned to figure skate and crafted a love affair with coffee. Growing up in a household filled by strong-headed women, she learned early on that life is what you make it. You’ve probably never met a bigger country music fan and in the words of Brooks and Dunn, she’s a die-hard ‘George Strait junkie.’ Constructing a world away from her real life, Kaithlin loves the feeling of creating a universe where her fans can forget about everything in their life. She loves writing about hot alphas and doesn’t shy away from turning up the heat with scorching hot sex scenes.
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