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A new adult, contemporary romance
By Aimee McNeil

Limitless Publishing

"You remind me of a fox because you are quick, quiet, and...beautiful."

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A chance meeting between two young souls is all it took...

When Adalynne Fairweather was just a child, her entire life had already been planned. From Ivy League schools to a career in law, adventure was the one thing out of her reach. That was until a boy with bright green eyes and a monster truck t-shirt wandered into her back yard, giving the adventure she longed for.

Refuge can be found in the most unlikely places…
Damon Knight’s abusive home life left him longing for a childhood he never had—until he wandered into Adalynne’s yard. She took his hand, smiled at him, and even gave him a nickname. Fox. The woods became their escape—a place to flee from reality. He discovered music through Adalynne’s piano, and not long after that, she gave him a guitar. Little did he know that gift would change his life forever.

Years later, their age is not the only thing that’s changed...

Adalynne’s love for Fox took on a life of its own. As they begin to build their lives, her heart aches for him in ways she can’t understand. As they slowly begin to drift apart, Adalynne becomes more desperate to cling to their secret romance.

But Fox is no longer the bright-eyed child from the woods. Her shy, beautiful Fox has grown into a dark, troubled man with a guitar. And when her last attempt to salvage their relationship breaks Adalynne’s heart, catching Fox a second time seems just out of her reach.

When the set finished the band exited the stage. Adalynne watched Fox leave and she realized how much she missed him. An unbearable ache formed in her chest. People began shuffling around the room and music blasted on the speakers surrounding them. A heavy beat thrummed through the entire club, keeping the good mood alive and thriving in the many bodies that lined the floor.
“I’m going to check my messages.” Adalynne held up her phone. “I can’t hear anything here.” She didn’t wait for anyone to respond. Leaving her seat, she headed toward the back of the bar toward the restrooms.
“I’m coming with you.” Katie jumped up and followed on Adalynne’s heels through the crowded floor of people. When they were away from the guys, Katie pulled up beside her. “What was going on with you and Brolan Pierce? Do you know him? Please tell me you know him. You were practically eye doing each other.” Katie looked up at Adalynne’s face. “Oh my God! You know the lead singer of Outcome? Why didn’t you tell me you knew him? Is he the one you’re so hung up on?” Katie’s eyes could not get any wider as she stared at her. Her nails were digging into Adalynne’s arm.
“Katie, please be quiet.” Adalynne noticed the girls waiting in the bathroom line turning to observe their conversation. “Yes, I know him and I didn’t tell you because that’s not his real name. I didn’t know it until he walked onstage. It was a long time ago. Anyway, I’m not that hung up.”
“Oh please. You barely look at all the hot guys that practically drool on you. Look at Matthew over there. He’s not used to having to work to gain a girl’s attention. He’s used to girls handing him a free pass to their vaginas. Besides, I have never seen two people look at each other like that. I thought he was going to jump off the stage. It was beyond attraction.” Katie looked like she was going to swoon as she leaned against the wall.
“Do me a favor and forget about it.” Adalynne tried to dismiss their conversation. She listened to the message her mother left telling her everything was still fine.
“Why should I forget? You obviously can’t.” Katie folded her arms across her chest. She stomped her foot defiantly. “You cannot let this opportunity slip by. I seriously want to strangle you! You should be asking to speak with him. He owes you that much after he eye-fucked the hell out of you onstage!”
“Oh my god, Katie! It wasn’t like that. He was probably just surprised to see me.” Adalynne shrugged her shoulders and tried to seem casual. “He never wanted me like that and he doesn’t now.”
“Are you Adalynne?” A tall man dressed completely in black came to a stop in front of her. He looked like he walked out of the gym after spending most of his life there. A black shirt stretched over his massive chest, his hair was cropped short, and his severe eyes glared at her with a very serious expression. He had the science of intimidation down perfectly and Adalynne just nodded at his question, backing up against the wall.
“Will you follow me?” he continued, taking a step back, expecting her to comply but halted when she did not move.
“Why?” she asked when he looked back at her.
“You are requested by Mr. Pierce,” he stated simply, his patience wearing thin.
“I’ll cover for you!” Katie pushed Adalynne toward the large security guard. Adalynne looked back over her shoulder at Katie, who continued to wave her on encouragingly. The eyes of all the other girls who witnessed the scene stared after her as well.
Adalynne tried to calm her breathing as she followed the man through a dark, narrow hallway until he came to a door and knocked. The door opened narrowly but Adalynne couldn’t see in the room at her angle.
“Adalynne,” he said to the person who opened the door. The door closed and a moment later it swung open wide and Adalynne watched the band members leave the room. They nodded approvingly at her. The one she recognized from the drums spoke to her as he passed. “Hello there, beautiful.” Adalynne tried to manage a smile in return but she was overwhelmed with nerves. He smiled widely at her before continuing down the hall with the others.
Adalynne didn’t move. Her feet felt planted in place until the security guard gave her a gentle nudge of encouragement. She walked in slowly and he closed the door behind her, narrowly missing her. Adalynne took in the room. The sofas were covered in discarded clothing. The walls were covered with posters and framed photographs.
Fox walked out of a connecting room with a beer in his hand. His hair was messy like he had just run his fingers through it. He leaned against the door frame and stared at her from across the room. The emotions that overcame her were crippling. She had been living so long without her heart and now it was right in front of her and yet so far. She couldn’t think of anything more striking than his muscled lean frame. The way his jeans hung so low and how his shirt hugged his body that held a promise of so much pleasure. He was a drug to her and she was addicted to him in every sense of the word.
“You are so beautiful.” His voice was raw from singing. He walked over to the sofa and sat down, not taking his eyes off her. “I can’t get you out of my fucking head.” Fox ran his hand down over his face.

Emmy's Review (3.5 *'s)

First, many thanks to the author, who provided a free copy of Catching Fox in exchange for an honest review.

Once upon a time….. he was Fox, and she was Bee….and together they were all the world that they needed.

Adalynne was the very sheltered child of wealthy parents. We are first introduced to her at about age 6.   Her world was very small, as she was homeschooled from a young age. While she wanted for nothing, Adalynne was terribly lonely.  When a little boy with bright green eyes wanders into her backyard one day Adalynne forms her first friendship and link with the outside world.  She nicknames the shy boy Fox, for his wary nature and silent stealthiness.  Fox was from the wrong side of the woods, literally, and his life was vastly different from hers.  His mother died young, and his father was abusive. She showed him friendship; she introduced him to music, an event that would eventually change his life.  She loved him, oh how she loved him, him and only him ever since they were small.  

The book skips ahead in two year increments, showing how their friendship matured over time.  It all comes to a head when Ada manages to convince her parents to let her graduate from public school - Fox’s school.  She wanted to surprise Fox on her first day at his school, thinking that they would be inseparable there as well.  She’s hit with a rude awakening that Fox is not Fox here - he’s Damon, and he’s nothing like the Fox she knows.  He also has a girlfriend, which breaks her heart straight in two.  When he finally does speak to her again, it’s to tell her that he’s not good enough for her.  Despite her protests to the contrary, he distances himself from her that year.  They slowly (and painfully) drift apart.

The book next picks up in present day - she’s in college. She’s in the sorority that her mother wanted her to be in, taking the courses that her parents wanted for the career they planned for her.  She’s trapped.  She loves music, and wants to pursue that as a career, but feels she has no choice.  Boys are interested in her, but she is totally uninterested in them. One in particular, Matthew has the right pedigree and credentials, and she just knows that her mother will set her sights on Matthew for her husband soon as she meets him.  She doesn’t dislike him, but she’s not fired up about him either.  Then two big things happen at once - Fox comes back into her life, and a family emergency brings Ada to her knees.  

Tragedy sometimes has a way of bringing clarity.  Ada finally decides that she is no longer living her life to please her parents.  As you may have guessed, this causes major upheavals.  In what is easily the best part of this book, Ada asserts her independence in her career, even if she doesn’t assert it in her love life.  This left me scratching my head.  Fox is now the lead singer of a famous band, but still maintains he is no good for her, pushing her away again and again after they reconnect. What happened to make him feel this way?  Ada settles for Matthew, knowing that he will never replace Fox in her heart.  But Fox and Ada are like magnets, and one way or another they keep finding their paths crossing.  

While I had a few issues with this book, overall I found it to be an entertaining read.  I thoroughly enjoyed Ada’s unlikely friendship with someone close to Fox - and no, I’m not telling who.  I dislike double standards, and I feel that one was imposed on Ada for most of the book.  There were times I wanted to reach through my Kindle and strangle several of the characters, and was surprised when Ada didn’t have the same reaction.  The girl was much better than me, let me tell you, had I been Adalynne there would have been much more violence in this tale!  On the other hand, this deserves a mention: we were given an excellent example of how frustrating and heartbreaking it can be to love someone with an addiction.  The epilogue in Fox’s voice was a treat - and a great way to round out the story.  This author is gaining experience with her storytelling, and it shows in this book.  

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