Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Excerpt Tour... Jamie Canosa's Sins of the Father

Monsters exist. Not in closets or under the bed, but within each of us. And sometimes . . . they win. 

Kidnapped. Confused. Afraid. 
Ophelia wakes up to find herself an unwilling pawn in a plot for revenge. 

Pain. Blood. Loyalty. 
These things bind Sawyer to a promise he struggles to keep. 

Sawyer doesn't want to hurt Ophelia. Ophelia doesn't want to be hurt. But somethings are unavoidable. What happens when trust is broken? What happens when fear and love collide? 

Hearts get broken and lives get shattered when the 
Sins of the Father are brought to bear.

The branches of a lone oak bent and twisted, the entire trunk swaying in the vicious wind. Strands of wet hair lashed at my cheeks. The t-shirt Sawyer had given me was saturated, a bitter cocoon plastered to my skin. Millions of blades of grass sliced my bare legs as I forced them to push harder, cold air stinging my throat with every breath and burning deep in my lungs.
Along the horizon, a pair of twin stars blinked into view, traveling steadily towards me. Light reflected in the billions of raindrops falling to Earth as a swath of illumination cut across the open field. Help was coming. My escape was on its way. My ticket back to reality. All I had to do was not miss the ride.
I changed directions, tearing across the field as I swiped blindly at the rain in my eyes. Mud squelched between my toes, splatting up against my calves. My muscles burned and my skin froze as I sprinted with everything I had in me. If I could just make it—
Slimy, wet grass flattened underfoot and the next thing I knew my ass met the ground with a hard thud. Light from the car flashed less than a quarter mile from where I sat. I couldn’t give up. Couldn’t stop. Not now.
Scrambling to reclaim my footing on the slippery surface, I glanced behind me and that’s where I saw him. A dark silhouette highlighted against a flash of lightning. He was too far away to tell who chased me, but not far enough. He plowed across the field, leaning into the wind and rain as though the weather had no effect on him whatsoever.
Pain bolted up my leg when I put weight on my right foot, surprising a wounded cry from my lips, but I wouldn’t let that stop me. I hobbled along, moving as fast as I could, as though my life depended on it because I thought it just might. That could have been the moment . . . the one that decided if I lived or died.
The whir of tires over wet pavement rose above the storm. I was close. So close.
Gasping for breath, I glanced over my shoulder and saw that he was devouring the space between us faster than seemed possible.
My arms felt like a pair of lead weights as I lifted them overhead, waving frantically in the hopes that the driver might somehow see me through the darkness and the downpour. Please. Please see me. Please just look—
A body slammed into me from behind, tackling me to the ground in a tangle of limbs and wet grass. I struggled to break free, but solid arms clamped around me. Removing the possibility of flight. Leaving me only one option.
To fight. 

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Meet the Author:

Jamie Canosa is a full time author of YA literature, which she absolutely loves. When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, she can usually be found with her nose in a book. She currently resides in Upstate NY with her wonderful husband and three crazy kids . . . plus the cats, the dogand the rabbit.

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