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Fools in Love Anthology... Author Introduction... Michelle Love

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1 daaaaaaaaay until it’s here…. 1 day people!!! The official countdown has started. The clock is ticking down…

So in order to get you all ready to get this scrumptious people of literary gold into your hands.. Let me introduce you to our next author, Michelle Love.

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Anthology Blurb:


Ten authors. Ten steamy romances. Fools in Love features alpha males and the women who tame them from ten of the hottest authors in contemporary and new adult romance!

Billionaires! Stepbrothers! Everyday people! Curvy women! Domination! and Suspense!

Jessa Jacobs - Recoil, Book One
Candy J. Starr - Snatched, Part One
Aidy Award - Curvy Seduction: Rebound
Annabel Chant - Falling from Grace
Michelle Love - Arsen’s Rules: Book 1, For Her and Book 2, For Him
A.J. Goode - Love’s Little List
Crystal Kaswell - The Billionaire’s Deal #1
Alana Leigh - Lies of Omission (NEW AUTHOR!)
Lexi Larue - Tycoon, Book One
Marysol James - Enemy Within

*Contains multiple first in series which may include cliffhangers. All follow-up books may be read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Be sure to check out the fantastic offers most of these authors have for even more free books, links included.

**Words from the Authors**
The authors included in this collection are excited to bring you some of our best work. Some of us have many more books for your reading pleasure, some are newer at this game, but one thing is true for all of us. We love romance! And we bring you some of the hottest around.  

We hope you’ll some new authors to enjoy as well as an old favorite or two. Most of us offer free books, stories or other bonuses to our newsletter subscribers. Be sure to follow the links at the end of each book to stay in touch with us and to take advantage of our offers.

We love to hear from our readers! Whether you choose to review this anthology or the individual works on Amazon or Goodreads (or if you’re feeling particularly generous – both!), or would just like to email us with your comments, please know that we love and appreciate every one of you.

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**For Her Blurb**

Intrigue. Lust. Distrust.

Arsen's Rules Book 1. An Alpha Billionaire Romance

Arsen Sloan is a thirty-five-year old criminal lawyer who has only lost one case in his prestigious career as a top California lawyer, practicing in San Francisco. That unfortunate loss is about to cause the man more trouble than he could’ve ever imagined.

After one of the hardest days in his life, Arsen decides he needs a drink and a change of scenery. His usual stress relieving activities are being questioned, so he makes a visit to a normal bar where young law students have been known to frequent.

Although women should be something he stays far away from as the trouble he’s in has everything to do with them, he can’t seem to stop himself from wanting to, at the very least, look at them.

The women who frequent the contemporary club bore him. Normal is not what sparks his interest. Just as a giggling group of young law students at the table in front of him gets to be too much for him to endure any longer and he gets ready to leave the club in frustration, she walks in.

Her long legs and long dark hair arouses him instantly as her ruby red lips and deep blue eyes fascinate him. Her rounded figure has his mouth watering for her and he makes a decision about her that goes against the smart thing he should be doing, avoiding all women for the time being anyway. Now how to get her to agree to do the things he wants?

** This is a hot and steamy billionaire romance series, ideal for fans of Sarah J. Brooks, Ellie Danes, J.S. Scott, Cassie Cross, Hannah Ford, and Kelly Favor**

Arsen’s Rules is a Billionaire BDSM Romance Thriller sure to set your fire burning. If you like captivating romances and heroines who are strong, smart, and sassy, then you’ll love Michelle Love’s story about a chance encounter that turns into a dizzying chain of events that will hopefully leave the heroine alive in the end.

Amazon Universal Purchase Link:

**Excerpt from For Her**

His stammering made her giggle, and he had to ball his hands into fists to stop himself from grabbing her hair in his hands and pulling her mouth to his. Her lips, plump and pink formed a smile. “Nervous?”
“Me?” he asked and found his voice going high.
That was not like him. She did make him nervous, and that was odd. “Do I make you nervous?”
“Hell no!” He slipped his arm around her waist.
Paul came to his side after telling the cops he had no idea who was at fault either. “Hi,” he said to the girl who would be running away from Arsen if she knew what he really wanted with her. “I’m Paul.”
“As you can see that’s my driver, Paul. So you won’t be completely alone with a stranger if you allow me to drive you to your home.” Arsen told her as he moved her along with him, his arm tight around her waist.
“Promise me something.”
“Anything,” he said. “I think I could promise you anything?” His finger trailed over her collarbone and he looked deep into her eyes.
They were full of trust, even though they shouldn’t be. If she only knew what he wanted to do to her beautiful porcelain skin, watch it turn a nice shade of pink after he had paddled it well.
“Promise you won’t hurt me.” Her words hit him hard.
“Why would you say that?” he asked as he pulled his hand back and searched her eyes.

Get to know a little about Michelle Love:

**Do you see that you have it easier doing everything yourself or would it be easier with a big publisher? Someone to help out?
It’s hard work being an independent writer. You have to know so much more than just how to spin a good yarn. There’s selling the book and that in itself is a full time job. That said, getting a Publisher isn’t easy. You may have to get an agent as many publishers do not accept query letters from just anyone. You could wait forever if you take that route. Plus, a book signing tour would take me away from the family I can barely stand to be apart from. So I decided not to wait and to work extra hard to get my work out to the readers and I’m not sorry I did.

**What inspires you as an author to write?
Everything! Absolutely everything. I read books and watch movies that inspire me to keep writing. Even watching the news can bring an idea into my head and before I know it, it’s bloomed into a new book idea.

**Do you need a quiet place to write? Or do you need noise?
I need music playing as I make my outline and develop my story. But when I get busy writing, I need quiet. I can deal with small interruptions here and there, but not a lot of them.

**Do you listen to music while you write? What kind of music is beneficial to your writing process?
Like I said, I listen to music when I am in the developing stage. It depends on what I’m writing. If it’s a happy scene I listen to some contemporary music. A dark scene gets hard rock and really gritty, getting to know the character scenes get inspirational music. I’m a listener of everything and use it everyday to get my mind where it needs to be to make good stories.

**Who is your favorite author?
I love the classic writers, as you might be able to tell in my writing. Emily Bronte is my favorite and my darkness comes from being a Stephen King fan. I also read a lot of contemporary romances and Tracy Brogan is hilarious and I read everything she writes. Hence, why my characters are quirky, dark, and classic all at the same time.

**What inspired you to take a leap of faith and write your first novel?
No lie, Fifty Shades of Grey was my inspiration to write my very first novel. I read all three books and the whole time I was like, ‘I can make a story better than this.’ Not that I’m knocking E.L. James, I love her and her work. She inspired me to come up with things and I stopped playing games on Facebook and used my laptop to write my first book.  

**Are any of your characters based on people you know?
Not really. My characters have characteristics I’m familiar with, but I know a ton of people so not one character is based on all the characteristics of any of the people I know.

**Do you write in chronological order of the story, or jump around when a scene hits you?
I like chronological order, but on occasion a scene does hit me and I add it in. It’s all about going with what you think your characters would do if they were real, live people after all. And everyone knows every once in awhile a curve ball comes out of left field and messes up your perfect little plan.

**What is an Indie Author?
An Indie Author is a person who wants to blaze a new trail, buck the literary system and take charge of their work.

**What does it take to be an indie author?
Self discipline, a fantastic work ethic, and the tenacity to keep going even when you see no book sales and no reviews. If you don’t have those three things, you’ll find being an Indie Author is not the thing for you.

**How much pressure is on you, the author, when you’re having to do everything yourself?
Tremendous pressure is put directly on your shoulders as an author who has to do it all. But in the end, when you accomplish that great review, that chart topping book, you know it was you who got you there and that feels awesome!

**Do you as an author in your down time read? Yes? No? Tell us why either way. Inquiring minds want to know!
I read every single day. Down time, what’s that. Just kidding. I take time out from work and that’s when I read things which do not pertain to my writing, primarily because it might inspire me and stop my downtime. So I read everything from self-help books to cook books and I’ve been known to sneak in a little wacky reading like children’s books for adults. All genres I’m most likely never going to write in.

**Do you have any writing rituals?  Specific music, chair, drink, etc.?
My one ritual is making a fresh pot of coffee. All the rest is what mood I’m in at the time.

**Do you have any advice/words of wisdom for aspiring writers?
If you feel a story inside you, tell it. Don’t let anything stop you. Holding your book in your own hands is worth more money than you will ever earn. If people buy it , fantastic. If they don’t, you have a finished product to prove to yourself, you can do it. What do you have to lose?

**Where do you get your inspiration from?
People. People can do anything. I have watched a man with no arms compete in a swimming race. A person with no legs compete in a marathon. If I think I can make a person see a movie in their head using only words, then I can.

**What is your ‘long term’ plan? Do you see this as a true future or something that you will ‘grow out of’?
I will grow as a writer. I will never stop writing. I might stop writing stories that sell, God forbid, but I will always write. It is my true passion and as long as God allows me, I will write.

**What books have you been reading lately?
To name a few, Jingle Bell Harbor by Tracy Brogan, Wicked Bad by Ella London (a fantastic writer, by the way, should’ve listed her back there) Magic Stars by Ilona Andrews, and A Tiger’s Destiny by Diane Hills (Love her too, another writer I should’ve listed)

**Who initially inspired you?
My mother was my initial inspiration. She was an avid reader and once she and her sister wrote a romance novel they tried to sell to Harlequin and gave up way too soon in my opinion. Only one attempt. She passed away at a Young 52 years old. I look up everyday and tell her thanks. She made me the reader I am and showed me you can try anything.   

**When did you start writing stories?
Five years ago I gave it a hardy try. But I have written little stories since I was a kid. Silly little stories to make my parents laugh was my main goal back then. Now days, I aim to heat my readers up and make them think.  

**More about Michelle Love**
Michelle Love writes about smart, sexy women and the hot alpha billionaires who love them. She has found her own happily ever after with her dream husband and adorable 2-year-old.

Currently, Michelle is hard at work on the next book in the series and trying to stay off the Internet.

"Thank you for supporting an indie author. Anything you can do, whether it be writing a review, or even simply telling a fellow reader that you enjoyed this, helps keep my baby in diapers. Thanks!"

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