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Fools In Love Anthology.... Author Introduction... Marysol James

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And, here it is… the last author interview of this anthology. The author for today is Marysol James. We have more information on the book, the author and the story she has brought to us from her new series. Take a look at Marysol’s book!


Anthology Blurb:


Ten authors. Ten steamy romances. Fools in Love features alpha males and the women who tame them from ten of the hottest authors in contemporary and new adult romance!

Billionaires! Stepbrothers! Everyday people! Curvy women! Domination! and Suspense!

Jessa Jacobs - Recoil, Book One
Candy J. Starr - Snatched, Part One
Aidy Award - Curvy Seduction: Rebound
Annabel Chant - Falling from Grace
Michelle Love - Arsen’s Rules: Book 1, For Her and Book 2, For Him
A.J. Goode - Love’s Little List
Crystal Kaswell - The Billionaire’s Deal #1
Alana Leigh - Lies of Omission (NEW AUTHOR!)
Lexi Larue - Tycoon, Book One
Marysol James - Enemy Within

*Contains multiple first in series which may include cliffhangers. All follow-up books may be read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Be sure to check out the fantastic offers most of these authors have for even more free books, links included.

**Words from the Authors**
The authors included in this collection are excited to bring you some of our best work. Some of us have many more books for your reading pleasure, some are newer at this game, but one thing is true for all of us. We love romance! And we bring you some of the hottest around.  

We hope you’ll some new authors to enjoy as well as an old favorite or two. Most of us offer free books, stories or other bonuses to our newsletter subscribers. Be sure to follow the links at the end of each book to stay in touch with us and to take advantage of our offers.

We love to hear from our readers! Whether you choose to review this anthology or the individual works on Amazon or Goodreads (or if you’re feeling particularly generous – both!), or would just like to email us with your comments, please know that we love and appreciate every one of you.

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**Enemy Within Blurb**

When Emma Cartwright gets some very (very) bad health news, she handles it in just about the last way that anybody who knows her would expect. Namely, she heads out alone to a bar on Friday night, intent on having her first-ever one-night-stand. A single night of escape with a scorching guy, and then she’ll focus on her treatment and recovery. After all, what’s one night, really?

Ever since coming back from Afghanistan two years ago, Dean Jessop’s life is all about ‘just one night’. No commitment; nothing permanent; nothing long-term. He meets Emma and one night of hot sex later, she sneaks out of Dean’s place while he sleeps – and they both think that’s it. Neither expects to see the other ever again.

A month later, a chance encounter brings them back in to each other’s lives. They strike an agreement which includes: casual sex only, nothing too personal, and they can end it anytime with a single word. What Emma and Dean don’t count on is developing strong and real feelings for each other, despite Emma hiding her disease and Dean running from his guilt.

When Dean finally tells Emma what happened in Afghanistan, she wonders if she can confess her own dark secret. But can she really expect him to forgive her for hiding her illness from him? If she tells him the truth, will he be there for her through it all? And can she help him make peace with his own demons?

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**Excerpt from Enemy Within**

When Emma Cartwright pulled into the parking lot of Shooter’s Bar on that Friday night, she was a woman with a mission. Like the best of missions, it was simple, clear, and had a defined and measurable aim: Emma was going to go in there and pick up a scorching hot man and go home with him.
Shooter’s was, she knew, hands-down the best damn place in Denver to embark on such a mission. According to Kat, the guys in this place were pretty much after nothing but a good time. And Emma needed a good time tonight.
She sat in her car for a minute, running over the game plan in her mind. OK, so a few deal breakers in terms of her choice for her very first one-night-stand:
First, Kat said Shooter’s attracted lots of soldiers passing through, and Emma wasn’t so interested in guys recently back from combat. Chances are they’d be traumatized, and she had more than enough trauma going on in her life right now. No, tonight was an escape for her, and as such, she wasn’t interested in damaged, possibly dangerous, guys. And she’d have to keep her wits about her here: no getting drunk and putting herself in a bad situation with the wrong guy.
Second, nobody too sweet. He had to be a nice guy, clearly, but not relationship material. She had a tendency to get attached to sweet guys, guys who held her hand and wanted to take her for dinner. But if this was just casual sex, then she didn’t want it to be with a guy that she’d really want to see again.
Third, she needed to lie about herself. Not her name; that was going a bit far. But she definitely didn’t want anyone knowing that she was a psychologist – that tended to freak people out even at the best of times – so tonight she was going to be Olivia Jameson’s personal assistant. She was sure that Liv wouldn’t mind the deception, though she was pretty certain that her actual assistant Nigel most definitely would.
As if she had conjured Olivia up just by thinking about her, Liv’s ring tone trilled from Emma’s purse. She pushed ‘reject’ and then turned the ringer to vibrate. She knew that Kat and Liv and Jenny were all anxious to hear the final diagnosis after almost a month of tests, but Emma didn’t want to talk about that right now. Tomorrow was fine for doom and gloom. Tonight was about grabbing on to life with both hands, as hard as she could, as many times as she could take it.
She knew what she was doing was unhealthy and reactionary. If one of her patients received the kind of bad news that she’d gotten that day, and they then turned around and flung themselves full-on into a one-night-stand, Emma would have plenty to say about that. She’d say they were in some major denial, and desperately trying to avoid inevitable pain, and maybe even engaging in some complicated form of self-harm.

Get to know a little about Marysol James:

**Do you see that you have it easier doing everything yourself or would it be easier with a big publisher? Someone to help out?
I LOVE being self-published and being an indie writer. I have no desire at all at this point to work with an agent, a publishing house, etc. I like having total control over both my content and my brand, and I like setting my own deadlines and schedule. Plus – I like keeping all my royalties ;)

**What inspires you as an author to write?
Knowing how much I love doing it. Some days, that white screen and low page count are terrifying and daunting, to be sure... but I know that when I get going, I'll be so damn happy. So I buckle down and get to it.

**Do you need a quiet place to write? Or do you need noise?
It changes from day to day. One day, I will need complete silence and stillness, but the next, I'll be fine in a busy cafe with my earbuds going full-blast. I'm flexible!

**Do you listen to music while you write? What kind of music is beneficial to your writing process?
Very often, I do. I like music with strong lyrics, as I find that sometimes words 'catch' in my head and inspire me.

If I need noise but can't handle music, I'll listen to Coffitivity (sounds in a coffee shop) or Noisli (I like the rain and thunder options). Sometimes I'll listen to classical music, too, and I have a serious weakness for Handel's 'Water Music'.

**Who is your favorite author?
So, so many. So many. But I do love Jhumpa Lahiri, Margaret Atwood, Barbara Kingsolver, John Steinbeck, and John Irving.

**What inspired you to take a leap of faith and write your first novel?
I was unemployed and broke and had FAR too much time on my hands!

**Are any of your characters based on people you know?
Oh, sure. All my female characters have a bit of me in them (some more than others!), and bits and pieces of my family and friends. My heroes are also parts of good men that I've known in my life – I've been amazingly lucky to know some truly strong, kind guys.

**Do you write in chronological order of the story, or jump around when a scene hits you?
Mostly chronological, but I'm totally open to jumping around if I'm inspired or I feel stuck.

The one thing that I don't write chronologically is my sex scenes... I always write those last. I do this because for me, what happens between my hero and heroine in the bedroom is an extension and reflection of what's happening between them outside of it. For that reason, I write the 'real' story first, and then write the bedroom scenes to show the emotions and thoughts going on at that point in their story.

**What is an Indie Author?
A totally free creative spirit, but one who'd better have a firm grasp on their own voice, brand, and strengths. Indies have lots of choices and flexibility, but these things can be overwhelming without a plan and clear vision.

**What does it take to be an indie author?
Goals. A plan. A real sense of self and your own voice. Faith in your abilities. Drive. Persistence. A sense of humour. A thick skin. Respect for your readers. A willingness to learn and grow with every new book. An admiration for language. A love for living in an imaginary world of your own making.

**How much pressure is on you, the author, when you’re having to do everything yourself?
Lots! The thing that keeps me sane is that I'm determined to learn as much from my mistakes as I do from my successes. That way, I see everything as a step forward, and I resolve to not make THAT mistake again. That takes some of the pressure to be 'perfect' off me, which helps a lot.

**Do you as an author in your down time read? Yes? No? Tell us why either way. Inquiring minds want to know!
I used to, but not so much lately, unfortunately. I hope to get back to it soon!

**Do you have any writing rituals?  Specific music, chair, drink, etc.?
Coffee. Always, always coffee!

**Do you have any advice/words of wisdom for aspiring writers?
Just write.

No excuses, no 'I don't have time', no 'maybe tomorrow'. You only write by writing.

So... write.

**Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everything. Another book I read. Something I see on TV. My kids. A person's personal story. Music. Poetry.

Just... life, I suppose.

**What is your ‘long term’ plan? Do you see this as a true future or something that you will ‘grow out of’?
Writing is – for me – as long-term as it gets. They'll have to pry the laptop out of my cold, dead hands, I swear.

**What books have you been reading lately?
I haven't, sadly. I've been so busy writing!

**Who initially inspired you?
My Mom always said I should write...

**When did you start writing stories?
When I was about four years old.

**More about Marysol James**

Marysol James was raised in a small town in Canada and is still a small-town girl at heart. She's a cancer survivor, cinnamon bun lover, and hardcore caffeine addict.

Marysol crosses genres in her writing, happily and enthusiastically. To date, she's published 23 steamy, sexy, slinky Contemporary Romances spread over four different series, including the Amazon best-selling 'Unseen Enemy' and 'Dangerous Curves' series.

Besides her romances, Marysol also writes crisp, clever, Contemporary Literature. It can be dark and provocative at times, and magical realism features heavily in her books. She loves moving between the worlds of magical realism and glorious romance, and she's grateful every day to be able to do both.

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