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Outside The Lines by Beth Rhodes
Love Beyond Reason Series; Book 2
318 pages
Published: December 8th 2015
Published by: Beth Rhodes Books

For the first time in her life, good-girl Maria Rodriguez throws aside caution for an all-consuming desire. She wants freedom from rules and her family looking over her shoulder. She wants the love she’s only ever dreamed of. But that love walks away. Jaded bachelor David March doesn't believe in love. His fling with the pretty Hispanic woman from California is as close to feeling as he wants to get. Now, he’s back home, burying himself in work and trying to forget.

Shortly after he leaves, Maria finds out she’s pregnant. Her first leap into freedom results in a life-changing consequence. She knows she has to find him. But what she finds is not what she expects. David is not the down-to-earth man he portrayed. And the love she remembers has been replaced by cold calculation and contracts. He lied to her once. Can she trust that a marriage agreement will bring back the love they once shared?

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He never hurried, never stopped the sweet caress of his hands against her skin, into her hair, down to lightly draw figure eights around her nipples.
It drove her mad until finally, finally she climaxed, tightened around him as all thought left her.
He tensed in her arms and grasped her—hard hands on her thighs as he too let loose within her. She slumped onto his chest. Her cheek mashed against sweat-sheened skin.
David rolled them over and lifted his hip so she could get her leg out from under him. She slid the leg straight and curled the other one more tightly around his waist.
He was accommodating the tiny person between them.
She turned her head and placed a kiss on his arm before resting back down against the pillow of his muscle and snuggling into his embrace. He lifted the covers over them.
“I’ll never move again.”
His chuckle vibrated through her. “I’d like that.”
“You would?”
He didn’t answer right away. Instead, his hand rode down her side and settled on her hip. “I—” He stopped, cleared his throat, silent again.
Her heart skipped a beat. Her man wasn’t uncertain. He didn’t lack confidence.
“What?” she whispered, finding his glinting gaze through the dark of the room. The moon had finally reappeared and light shown through the window.
He tightened his grip for a moment before continuing his sweet stroke.
She shivered at the touch, trembled to her core, and he pressed himself into her. Maria laughed then because his arousal might have diminished some, but perhaps he wasn’t quite done after all. “Not quite ready to give up the ship?”
“I’m not too old, yet.”
“Old?” She laughed. “When we hit thirty, let’s talk about getting old.” Her breath stopped in her throat. Would they still be together at thirty? “Right now, you’re just virile—lots of endurance. You can go all night. Right?”
It was David’s turn to laugh. “I’d like to be together when we’re thirty.” His voice turned serious. “I’d like to be together when we’re forty, too.”
Tears stung her eyes as she blinked them away. She wanted to keep the conversation light, didn’t want to scare him away. “Good plan. We’ll talk at fifty. If things are going to hell in a hand-basket then, we’ll…” The touch of his fingers against her clit made her voice fade. “Or that.” And she shuddered.
It hardly mattered to her if she came again or not. He’d filled her heart with his words, with his uncertainty. He was more vulnerable than she realized. “Come on, baby,” she whispered against his neck, and reached over her leg to cup him.
He came again in an instant, flooding her, tensing in her arms, every muscle tight with strain. Her light touch made him jerk against her, and she smiled when he grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips.
“I couldn’t be with anyone else, ever again.” David drove into her one last time and then dropped into sleep against her, left her hanging on the edge to I-love-you. He hadn’t said it yet. But she was starting to think, perhaps…
He just didn’t recognize it.
She was determined to make this work. She’d prayed for a happy ending and a chance to be with the man she loved. She was married now. Some might say foolishly, but she liked to think of it as faithfully—believing in something she couldn’t see.

Meet Beth Rhodes~

Beth Rhodes is a wife, mother, friend, and lover. She lives with her Army husband and their six children at the base of the mountains in Colorado. She loves the cold, coffee, camping, and sunshine. 

Her stories are full of life, family, and love. You can find her reading just about any genre of romance, but her favorites are fast-paced suspense, where life is on the line and love is the only saving grace. She wants a book that makes her heart pound and her pulse race. 

Beth is a member of Romance Writers of America, Pikes Peak Writers, Colorado Romance Writers, and International Thriller Writers. She is signed with Entangled Publishing and Boroughs Publishing Group.

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