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Pure Wicked Seduction Series ( Holiday Series Volume 1 )
Pure Wicked Seduction
Holiday Series: Volume 1
161 pages
Published: April 2, 2015
Published by: Lulu Press

Within the pages of this volume you will find some familiar stories, and then some very new ice suckling, tantalizing erotic stories.
Dash of Desire 
Trick or Treat 
Against all Odds
Twas the Naughty Night before Christmas
New Years Ride


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~Dash of Desire
Finally, they emerged from the steam filled shower and stepped out and Dante only had to look at Sarah and she knew what he wanted, what he needed from her. In the time they had spent together he had taught her his every need, she now looked to him for the signs, the small movements he made, that made her see how she could please her Sir without him even speaking. She reached for the white terry cloth towel that rested on the towel rack, and she began to dry her Master off. She started with his broad shoulders, trailed down and over his collarbone, followed down the defined pectoral muscles of his chest, she knew the wetness between her thighs was only the beginning of what was to come, but she did not stop her actions for her Master, if anything she wanted to please him more.
“You are growing more aroused my pet, I can smell your arousal, so sweet and every drop of it mine to take.” Dante’s hand twisted in her wet locks of hair, as she continued to dry him off, with a nod he had her dry off and then Sarah stood erect in front of him. “Tonight my pet, I have something planned for us, but first you will go put on that item I bought from Fredericks and meet me back at the bed. Something in those sexy blue eyes of his told Sarah that tonight could be quite interesting.
“Oh yes, Sir. I love when you give me things.” Sarah said softly with her head downward cast now and made her way to the closet and pulled out the Fredericks bag from directly in front of her. It was in a red bag with pink tissue paper sticking out the edges; quickly she pulled the tissue out with a smile. Her slender fingers pulled out a red velvet ribbon trimmed bra, a very tiny gartered skirt, with matching G-string. A groan from behind her was enough to know he approved as she slowly put on the G-string, and then the skirt and finally the bra just before she turned to face her Master.
“Mmm I like, my sexy pet, now hurry up and put on the stockings and heels and come to your Master.” She leaned against the closet door frame as she took one stocking and placed it over her toes and pulled up the silken material slowly up her calf and thigh and repeating the action with the other leg.
“Damn pet, you look good enough to eat and maybe I just might.” Dante said with his heated stare glided over his sub. His pleasure evident as she obeyed him, from the glint in his eyes.

~Trick or Treat
“It’s possible we have a side wager going on,” Conner admitted, chuckling to himself as he rocked slightly against Brooke’s body. So help her, she wanted to lean forward and let him take her right there on the pool table. She frantically wondered if the lacy thong she was wearing was going to be able to hold up to the wet cream now coating it, drenching the fragile fabric. Maybe she should have worn more covering underwear, so that she wouldn’t have to worry about slicking the tops of her thighs with her arousal. Thank goodness she was wearing cheerleader shorts as well, but the way Conner was touching her was going to cause her to drench those soon too.
“Cheaters never prosper,” she told him, giving a slightly wiggle of her hips back against him in retaliation. Was that her imagination or did he just groan?
His hands seemed reluctant as he released her waist and backed away from her, giving her the space to slow her breathing and the rapid pounding of her heart that had happened during their close encounter. Having him touch her like that had been so much more… raw than over the summer when he’d been so careful about rubbing sunscreen into her back. Even though his arms hadn’t been around her it had also been way more satisfying than any brotherly hug. She was feeling nearly mindless with pleasure over the knowledge that he wanted her. And she was pretty sure that it wasn’t just for her body. Showing off her personality had been a little risky, but this was a side he hadn’t really seen of her before at least, and he seemed to be responding to it. Heady stuff for a twenty year old virgin whose fantasies were suddenly coming to life.

~Against all Odds
The house was like an oven to Killian as he entered the mudroom, and still dark except for the small light in the mudroom. He dropped the saddlebags he had brought in with him and peeled off his cloths looking at the heap of clothing on the floor from his visitor. A small line of light shone from under the bathroom door across the room, and he figured he might have run a hot bath to warm up. Killian stepped out of his boots and walked toward the fire and the light switches by the kitchen. The air vents on the stove drew little red lines of fire light on the ceiling and the wind howled outside as he stopped dead in his tracks. The hair on the back of his neck rose up and he turned around rapidly facing the darkness.
His eyes blinked hard as the warm air burned his cheeks. Cassandra stood there in his heavy robe, a slight smile on her face. Quickly she reached up to place a finger against his lips before he could speak a smile on her wind burned cheeks. Somehow, someway she had found her way here.
Without thought he took her hand in his and pressed it to his lips, his heart pounding wildly in his chest. Cassandra’s fingers were icy. Killian reached toward her and laid his warm hand upon her cheek, tracing the line of her chin as she leaned her head into him. They came together then in a fierce embrace, each of them moved to action by the closeness of the others presence. Their lips met and they were still cold, but their tongues reached out and they were hot. Killian’s hands found their way into her robe, as she pulled at his belt and shirt. Her large breasts and round hips fell against him with both longing and comfort. Cassandra’s skin was white and cold, and he felt hot against her, as he slipped from his clothing and they sank to the floor in front of the hot iron stove. They were like fire and ice.

~Twas the Naughty Night before Christmas

At five to midnight the clock in the living room stopped. The fire had burned out, the only light in the room now from the fairy lights on the tree. Some dirt scattered out from the fireplace, and a man in a red suit appeared. He was not the stereotype you would imagine, he was young, maybe mid-thirties, and very strong. His torso was dusted with a light coating of hair, dark and no grey in sight. His jaw was chiseled with a dark beard, well-trimmed while he dragged a sack of goodies after him. He turned to address the empty stocking hanging on the mantel. Once this was filled he moved towards the tree, taking the cookies which had been left for him, leaving the milk for now. Chloe then caught his attention, how did he miss her? This picture of peace lying on the floor, as her lower half covered by a soft blanket and her nipples poking through her vest as the room temperature had dropped.
With her hair messy, flowing around her, she looked angelic to him. He looked at his watch and chuckled, he knew he had all the time in the world. This woman had stirred something inside him and his c**k growing in his red trousers, was not willing to move on to the next house just yet. He unbuttoned his red suit jacket, letting the muscular torso beneath breathe, and pulled his c**k out of his trousers. Carefully he pushed her blanket off her with his foot, and gasped seeing her hand inside her shorts. She was clearly a naughty girl!

~New Years Ride
At the sound of the opening door, Avery immediately dropped the cloth and drew her legs up to her breasts and rested her head on her knees. “Oh we are shy tonight, aren’t we?” Gage bent down, fetched with one hand the cloth from the bath water and began to rub her back. Avery only smiled and closed her eyes. His other hand began to stroke her thigh and then her breast. His fingers soon found the nipple. It hardened as he rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. Avery purred. Languidly she raised her head. Gage kissed her lips. Their tongues met for an instant, and then the kiss was broken. “Better not start now, I’ve got tea brewing and your wet clothes have to be hung up.”
“That’s your choice,” said Avery as she slowly stretched out in the tub totally revealing herself to him. He quickly gathered up her clothes and was gone.
A few minutes later, he returned naked. His anticipation was obvious as he set the tray down by the tub. He entered the bath opposite her and their legs intertwined. The tea was hot and laced with brandy. He fed her pieces of fruitcake and she licked his fingers. Gage loved the feel of her tongue and the way she sucked and nibbled at his fingertips.
Tea was soon over. Gage leaned forward and tipped Avery’s chin upward. He planted a deep kiss on her lips. Their tongues intertwined and probed. Avery let out a soft moan as his hands cupped her full breasts. Her nipples again grew hard under his touch. “You’re starting to make up for that hellish ride,” she whispered as she broke the kiss and allowed Gage to kiss and lick her ear and neck. “That’s it, ohhhh yes, you’re starting to make it right,” she continued as Gage began to suck and nip at her earlobe. She purred, the water stirred, and he felt a new sensation.

Meet Brianna Hughes~

Brianna Hughes is one of five children born in San Jose, California. She grew up as a navy brat moving from one place to another. She has always loved life and living in the moment. No one knew she would grow up to have such a romantic heart, from the bookworm that she was known as a child. She is currently a stay at home mom living with her family in Pineville, North Carolina. Brianna would have not gotten to where she is today without the guidance to hone in on her talent that the Lord God graced her with and the support of her husband Chris and two sons. She loves to write romance almost as much as she loves to read it. Her heroines are always strong women that can stand up for themselves.
Her favorite genre to write is paranormal romance. From Immortal highlanders, witches, vampires to warlocks, her work is inspired by her interest into her daydreams. But, Brianna has recently found that she is broadening her genres with each book she writes.
In 2012, she published her first paranormal romance novella for her Wicked Blood Series, originally entitled “Blood Ties”, now retitled, “Everlasting Bonds” with much success she has a total of 5 books slated for this series. Brianna continues to create such well-rounded characters with each book that unfolds from her mind. She currently has many projects on the slab with several co-authors.
Since December of 2013, she published a series of short erotic stories, entitled “Twas the Naughty Night before Christmas”, “Dash of Desire with Chocolate and Candles,” “Trick or Treat,” “Against all Odds,” and New Years Ride all part of her Pure Wicked Seduction Erotica Series; within this series she will unfold sheets of wicked stories with multitudes of holiday short stories, novellas and novels. Wicked is what wicked does. Wicked is a flirtation with the dark side, playing with emotions, and the characters in these stories presented by Brianna are definitely enjoying themselves.

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