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Meet a new Author Everyday... C.K. Alber


A Promise of Revenge by C. K. Alber
The Promise Series; Book 2
307 Pages
Published: September 18, 2015
Published by: MLR Press


A riveting plot with forbidden love, a dangerous chase, and a twisted capture.

Serious threats, with a promise to eradicate Alice Sweeney's existence, take a young mother underground, with her baby daughter, to an isolated hiding place. Her scarred veteran husband, with an arsenal of weapons, becomes her stalker.

Doctor Francesco DeRosa searches for life's meaning after losing his beloved wife to a terrible, incurable disease that he couldn't fix. He becomes a workaholic to repair the gaping wound to his heart.

An old friendship between Alice and Francesco develops into an amorous, impassioned but forbidden relationship. An abduction and a brave encounter with death, bring the two together -- all to save a little girl's life.

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Alice switched on the bathroom light and sank down on the toilet.
“I know he’s coming back.”  She inhaled.  “I want to see Michelle again.”  
Her balance slanted as she struggled to her feet.  Without the continuous movement she was used to, her body had weakened quickly.  
“Doug will be my hell but somehow I have to fight him off.”
She blotted her face with water and drank from the faucet.
At the bathroom doorway, she took in the untidy room.  
“What can I use as a defense mechanism?”  
Her eyes squinted and honed in on an open tin of tuna on the table, along with slices of bread.
She scarfed down the food to give her the energy she would need.  She used the excess oil from the tuna can to rub on her raw wrists and ankles.   
Hobbling over to the door, she jiggled the door handle.  “Locked.  Windows barred.  Only way out is with Doug or his body.”    
Searching the filthy drawers in the kitchen for a knife, she found only table knives and corkscrews.  
“Nothing to cut through this rope.”  She eyed the tuna lid.  “Too jagged.”
Shuffling around Doug’s work table, she hunted for his switchblade, tripped, and almost fell over a small burlap bag on the floor.  She picked it up, held its heaviness for a moment before opening it.  She lifted the flap and gulped in deep breaths of air when she saw what was inside.

Meet C.K. Alber~

C.K. Alber, author of The Promise Series, was born in Indiana and raised and educated in both Indiana and Illinois. An extended move abroad to Europe, brought about the desire to write. She had gone from the maze of corn fields and town life to historical buildings, famous paintings, the city, and the seaside.
As a "people watcher," her stories and characters began to develop, her imagination went wild regarding the settings and dialogues in her head, thus Romantic Suspense became her preferred genre.

Now she lives in Colorado with her rescue dog Luna but is still a stateside and worldwide traveler when the occasion arises.

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading this one. I've read the first book in this series and feel like the characters are old friends by now. I know she will get them into lots of sticky situations, now I just hope she remembers how to get them out of them.