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#WeSaluteOurMilitary ~ JC Santo's Inevitable Love


Inevitable Love by J.C. Santo
The Navy Love Series; Book 1
331 Pages
Published: October 15, 2015
Published by: J.C. Santo

Sometimes the things we fight hardest against are inevitable in the end.

Hunter Stevenson wasn't interested in wasting nights with bed warmers, he had a daughter to take care of and a life to build. Leaving behind the mother of his four year old child and her incessant partying, Hunter moves closer to his family to help provide Sawyer some stability.

Tessa Daniels didn’t share the ‘typical American dream’ like most girls. A husband, 2.5 kids and a white picket fence weren’t the things she wanted for herself. She had a plan laid out, which included a career in the Navy and being surrounded by her best friends. She was perfectly content with her carefree, fun lifestyle and her casual relationships, but all of that changed when she met him.

What neither of them expected was a nosy brother and best friend with some serious matchmaking skills. The two have an instantaneous pull towards one another, they can’t fight the spark even though they both do. Until one drunken night, Tessa throws herself at Hunter, only to face an agonizing rejection. However, Hunter’s gentlemanly facade doesn’t last with the sassy sailor girl, his alpha attitude quickly emerges in the midst of their sexual tensions.

Hunter refuses to be another one of Tessa’s casual hook-ups, and won’t allow her to run away from the idea of ‘them’. No matter how many obstacles stand in their way of a happily ever after. Now he must convince Tessa that their inevitable love is worth fighting for.

Can their newfound love survive the stress of an impending deployment and Hunter's past pushing it's way back into his life?

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"So how long are you gonna give me the silent treatment?" She should be warned, I'm a pro at ending silent treatments; I do have a four year old daughter who uses that as her to go defense mechanism when she doesn't get her way. "Because you should know, I'm a pro at ending them."
She finally looks over at me with an arched eyebrow. "Do I look like a child? I'm not giving you the 'silent treatment', I simply don't have shit to say to you. I think everything was said and done, or not done, the other night. And as far as I can see, you had the perfect opportunity to talk to me about any pressing matters last night, which you didn't.
This is going to be more difficult than I thought.
"What exactly do you want me to say Tessa?! That I'm sorry I didn't fuck the hell out of you the other night? That I wanted you more than I've ever wanted anyone else before? Because I did. God, I wanted you so fucking bad, and it was the hardest thing I've had to do to stop from going farther." I turn my barstool sideways to face her, but she's still looking anywhere but at me. "If you really want to have this conversation that's fine, we can, but for the love of God, can you look at me and go put something other than a damn towel on?"
Finally! She looks over at me, some of the anger has left her eyes but there is still a little bit there, but now I can see some mischief in them as well.
"What, something wrong with my being in a towel? Pretty sure this is my house, I'll wear whatever I want. If you don't like it, you know where the door is." She gets up from her barstool and breezes into the kitchen where she sets up her coffee maker to brew another cup. I can tell she's trying to calm her nerves by the way she's avoided eye contact and keeps her back turned to me the entire time, choosing instead to face the counter, huddled in the small corner of the kitchen. My confession has affected her.
"And there's nothing left to discuss, you had your shot and you passed it up. Guess next time we go out I won't waste MY time and I'll find someone who's willing to close the deal. Funny how you were the one who spouted off bullshit about not wasting your time, yet you're the one who ended up being a waste of mine." She finally faces me again. I'm assuming she's proud of her little rant, hoping her harsh words will hide the fact that she is indeed aroused.
"You know Tessa, I was being truthful when I 'spouted off' that I don't like to waste time, and I wasn't going to waste my energy on fucking a girl too drunk to remember it. I wasn't going to waste it on a girl who refuses to acknowledge that she likes me, or that she wants me to fuck her." Once again, her eyes shoot down to the floor. I know my gut is telling me she wants this so badly, but I have to have the words from her before I can act on what our bodies are begging me to do. I get up and move to the kitchen as well, rinse out my cup, then turn around and lean against the counter, crossing my arms and waiting for her comeback.
She's quick to retort. I'm seeing that sass that Marshall loves so much about her now. "What is it you want from me Hunter? It's pretty clear by your smug attitude that you knew I wanted to you to fuck me the other night. What exactly do you expect me to say now? Thanks so much for considering me? Sorry I didn't pass your final inspection?" She's standing facing me now with her hands firmly on her hips, all of her weight pressing down on her left side causing that hip to be cocked up, by her stance I can tell she's prepared for a huge fight to ensue. However that's not what I have planned. She finally admitted she wants me. That's all the ammunition I need. I push myself off the counter with my hands and slowly walk towards her. I can tell she doesn't know what to expect because with each step I take, her hard set face falls a bit more into an unsure look.
When I make it across the kitchen to her, I don't stop. All at once, I grab her left hip and pull her to me with one hand while the other goes to the back of her neck, pulling her face to mine and I firmly plant my lips on hers.
It's not an easy or gentle kiss. This is a rough, angry, dominating kiss. It only takes seconds before she releases the tension in her body and molds to mine. I'm holding my shit together by a thread here, all I want is to rip this damn towel away and fully explore every inch of her body. The moment her tongue slides across my bottom lip, that small bit of restraint breaks. I open my mouth and thrust my tongue into hers quickly. She must be comfortable with it because she lets out a moan around my tongue.
Again, more ammunition that I didn't necessarily need. My ever growing hard on is pressed against her stomach and I feel her start to move against it. I know she's seeking some kind of physical touch other than our mouths.
I glide my hand up her side from where it's been firmly gripping her hip. I move it up to her breast and cup it. God, she has the greatest tits ever, and that's saying something. I've always been a boob man, but it's a huge compliment for me to make that assumption without ever having seen them. I swiftly move my hand to the center of her chest, where I feel the tie of the towel. The only piece of material that's separating me from seeing Tessa's full body.
I slip my hand in the top of the towel and pull the offending piece of material out and let it go, exposing most of her curves, as I kiss down Tessa's neck. I pull my mouth back up to her ear, I can tell she's more than okay with this move and how quickly things are going, but I need to hear the words.
I place my mouth by her ear and whisper, "Please, tell me you want this Tessa. If not, this is your last chance. If I see your body, I won't be able to stop myself from giving you the fuck you want so bad."

Meet JC Santo~

JC Santo is a true southern girl born and raised a in Central Texas. Until her husband's Navy career sent them to Norfolk, Virginia. That's where she has been for the past 5 years being a wife and stay at home mom to 3 boys. 

In the rare occurrences she gets free time it's usually spent reading a good book. Three things she will never turn away are tattoos, cupcakes and arbor mist!  

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