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#WeSaluteOurMilitary ~ Kaithlin Shepherd's Make Me Whole

Make Me Whole by Kaithlin Shepherd
Callaway Series
181 Pages
Published: September 8, 2015
Published by: Hot Tree Publishing

Take the journey with the oldest Callaway brother as he finds and fights for true love.

Surviving the unimaginable, Jamie Caldwell finds herself at a crossroads. Her only chance at a full recovery sends her to Montana. Anxious but determined, Jamie is resolute on her mission to break free from her past, leading her into the care of Cole Callaway. Instantly, everything changes. Jamie knows the cowboy has the ability to help fight her demons, but opening up to him also gives him the power she’s just not ready to relinquish.

Returning from Afghanistan a different man, Cole Callaway is damaged. His new mission leads him to supporting wounded veterans and helping them get back some of what they’ve lost. With his own demons to battle, every day is a trial, but the moment Jamie Caldwell walks into his life, his focus and aim changes. Cole faces the biggest challenge of his life: Make Jamie stay in Montana and if he has his way, into his bed.

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He sat down beside her on the swing and heard her sigh when their thighs touched. Maybe his brother had been right; maybe she needed him more than she cared to ask. “You don’t get a sky like this in the city. It’s so beautiful and clear,” she said, avoiding eye contact with him. He was pretty sure she had no idea she was making his insides heat just by sitting beside her.
“After my dad died, I used to come out here to think about whatever was going on in my head. When I came back from Afghanistan, I didn’t want to talk to anyone, so I hid in the cabin in the mountains and would go outside at night to look up at the sky. It was the only thing that brought me peace.”
Cole asked himself where that had come from. He never talked about Afghanistan and he sure as hell didn’t talk about how hard it had been for him to come back to the ranch. But talking to Jamie, it just felt right.
“That must have been hard. I know a lot of ex-military guys who didn’t adjust that well to being back home.” Her voice was soft and kind, and unlike others who had tried to get him to talk, she didn’t pity him or try to mother him. She just cared.
He took a deep breath and a sip of whiskey before he continued. “You know, it’s funny. It wasn’t so much returning home that was hard, it was seeing everyone look at me differently, as if I were broken or something. I was injured. I lost friends over there, and then I came back here and people looked at me with pity. I just couldn’t deal with that very well, so I devoted a lot of my time to building the clinic.”
He was opening up to her, not because he wanted her to talk about what had happened, but simply because he wanted to share things with her, and that was a first for him. She turned around on the swing to face him, putting her hand on his forearm, and he felt the electricity of her touch down to his toes. Before she could take her hand away, he covered hers with his. He didn’t say anything, just waited for her to share what she wanted him to know.

Meet Kaithlin Shepherd~

Kaithlin Shepherd was born and raised in Canada where she learned to figure skate and crafted a love affair with coffee. Growing up in a household filled by strong-headed women, she learned early on that life is what you make it. 

You’ve probably never met a bigger country music fan and in the words of Brooks and Dunn, she’s a die-hard ‘George Strait junkie.’ Constructing a world away from her real life, Kaithlin loves the feeling of creating a universe where her fans can forget about everything in their life. 

She loves writing about hot alphas and doesn’t shy away from turning up the heat with scorching hot sex scenes.

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