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Excerpt Reveal... Sheri-Lynn Marean's Dracones Revelations

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Dracones Revelations
Dracones Revelations by Sheri-Lynn Marean
Dracones Series; Book 2
232 Pages
Proposed Publish Date: June 21, 2016
Published by: Sheri-Lynn Marean

At the young age of only seven, the Ilyium swept through Samarias’s village in a brutal massacre. Sami, his brother, his best friend, and her father fled their world for Earth, making a new home in Washington State. At nine, Sami’s father arrived and yanked his boys away from the security of their new home. At ten, they returned—broken, and silent.

Now at twenty-one, Sami continues to hide the secrets of the past, pretending everything is fine. But it’s all a lie. With his dragon powers awakening, Sami longs for freedom from the pain and guilt, along with a soul mate of his own.

When Sami recently infiltrated an enemy compound and witnessed the Ilyium send a woman to a fiery death, it hit him hard, but he can no longer pretend anymore.

Everything is not as it seems. After learning the woman is alive, and somehow connected to Sami, his world is turned upside down. Confused, angry, and with his emotions unraveling, Sami loses control. When he is called on to fly to Calgary to rescue someone else in trouble, strange things happen, and now he comes face to face with the demons of his past. Sami has some brutal decisions to make, possibly sacrificing what he desires most in order to do the right thing.

Dracones Revelations is the second book in the Dracones series for readers age 17+.

If you are a fan of dark, steamy paranormal romance, get Sami’s story today and be swept into the world of Dragons, Phoenix shifters, Night and Day Walkers, Magic, sensual heat and the revelations of Sami’s past.   

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Chapter One

It was not possible. Fate was far too much of a bitch to allow it to be true. Besides, he saw her die a fiery death. She couldn’t possibly still be alive, could she?
With his heart pounding and emotions in turmoil, Sami walked into his room and closed the door, the dark anguish within threatening to overwhelm him. All consuming, his feelings born of guilt, shame, and helplessness had been growing steadily worse the last few months. Since he was ten, he’d kept his feelings locked tightly away, not letting any of his family know what was inside of him, but lately it had become unbearable.
Nothing in his life ever worked to his advantage, so why should this be any different? His desire to believe Brimstone warred with the knowledge that he couldn’t be so lucky. And yet, Brimstone was her twin. A Phoenix, as he’d just shown them all amid a swirl of flames. So yes, it was possible. She could still be alive. Sami didn’t know how to deal with the emotions that thought left him.
Sami had dreamed of the woman for weeks until one devastating day, one week after his twenty-first birthday. It was a moment in time he’d never forget. It was the day their enemy, the Ilyium—a clandestine group of mortal druid hunters who hate all supernatural beings, tossed her like a pile of annoying garbage into a fiery pit of flames. He had tried to get to her in time but as his dream-vision had foretold, he’d been unable. The horror and guilt of that, added to everything else he kept hidden, left him in a deep funk struggling to find something to live for.
Now, fearing that it wouldn’t be true after all, he killed the tingle of hope trying to take hold inside him. He surveyed his wall of computers and running programs. The live video feed showed differing views of their property outside on the mountain. Their new allies, the Okami wolves were stealthy shadows in the forest as they guarded Sami’s home, going unnoticed unless you knew they were out there.
Grateful for the wolves and the protection they offered, he noted that nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be happening outside. At least not at the moment. However, with their enemies hunting them that could easily change.
Sami grimaced at his reflection in the mirror over his dresser. His green eyes were bloodshot and he looked like shit. Then again, it was no wonder since he hadn’t been sleeping lately. Running a hand through his messy blond hair, he sat down on the edge of his bed. Weary, he reached over and opened the drawer of his nightstand. The handle of his twelve-inch dagger beckoned him, while its deadly blade nestled in its leather sheath. Ignoring the dagger for a moment, he glanced at the bottle of pills. He found the blood thinners and package of large hypodermic needles a few days ago while rescuing his brother, Jax from the Ilyium.
Jax, only ten months older than Sami, had teetered on the verge of death once again. They’d found him hooked up to a machine used to drain and collect his blood. Disgusted and outraged, Sami had carefully removed the needle and tubing out of his brother’s arm, and dropped it all on the floor. A sense of déjà vu had swept over him as he wiped tears from his eyes. When Sami turned away and spotted the items on a cart, and without understanding what compelled him to do so, he quickly slid them into his pocket.
Now, the horror of everything they’d all been through the last week was catching up to him and filling him with despair. Twice in seven days, Jax had almost died. Well, the second time he did die, but thankfully Tierney was able to resurrect him. As far back as he could remember Jax was always trying to protect him and Tierney. Jax had taken the brunt of their father, Marcius’s abuse when he was only a boy of ten, almost dying then too. And it had been Sami’s fault that time. Sami shivered at the thought of how many times Jax had cheated death. This latest incident made it three times now that he had almost lost his brother. This shit needs to stop! I can’t take it anymore.
Memories swamped him, immediately followed by his old friend—guilt. In reaction, power that came from being an immortal with a dragon inside of him mixed with his dark anguish. It crawled through him. Feeling as if he was suffocating, Sami struggled to draw in a breath. Black spots formed before his eyes and pain… excruciating agony filled every inch of his body. No! A cry escaped his lips as an image popped into his mind. Not an image of his brother suffering, or the woman he recently saw die. No, neither of those. This was an image that he kept buried deep inside him. One he refused to look at. But now that image rose up, and he was helpless to stop it from taking over his mind. It was the image of a pretty, blond-haired, green-eyed little girl. No-no-no! Pain stabbed straight to his heart. Sami grabbed his dagger and yanked the sheath off, revealing a deadly sharp blade.
Sami detested what he was about to do but as his vision dimmed even more, the pain consumed him. He needed to act. With a deep breath, he drew the blade across his forearm, cutting deep. Blood welled up instantly bringing with it a cool soothing relief. I’m so sorry…
The apology was a whisper in his brain as all the bad emotions flowed away. Sami leaned back on his bed, feeling light and without a care. It was just an illusion. Two days ago, despairing over ever finding his brother, Sami accidentally discovered that cutting himself helped. He knew it wasn’t a fix or an end-all, and sooner or later, it might even stop working. But for the moment, it let him get a handle on things and keep functioning. If what he was doing could be called functioning.
As a Dracones, he’d always been able to feel his dragon deep within him. Sometime within his twenty-first year, he’d go through his Awakening and the thought made him shudder knowing how brutal the Awakening was on his kind. Not everyone survived the change. Only a week ago, before the Ilyium captured and tortured him, Jax went through his Awakening. Thankfully, his brother’s soul mate, Tierney was able to help him. The best way to survive the Awakening was with the help of another Dracones, or a Fallen but of course, the greatest assistance came from a soul mate. Once they emerged alive on the other side, they could then shift into their dragon whenever they wanted. Unfortunately, as Sami’s time drew closer, the power inside him grew as well and wanted out. With his power and the anguish both battling to be free, cutting himself was the only way he found to control it these days.
Sami closed his eyes. All he really wanted was for all this to go away. Unable to remember a time when these dark feelings hadn’t filled him, he used to think that when either he or Jax killed their father, the man responsible for so much of their anguish—that he’d feel better. Now, even though Marcius was finally dead, nothing had changed.
When he opened his eyes a few seconds later, Sami could feel everything seeping back in. He glanced at his already healed arm and his thoughts spiraled back to what really had him out of sorts. Could she really be alive? According to the man Sami rescued two days ago while looking for Jax, she was. Brimstone claimed she was. Try as he might to stop it, hope continued to bloom in his chest. The connection he’d felt to her in his dream had been so intense…
Standing, he made his way to the bathroom to wash the blood from his arm. After cleaning his knife, he secured it in its sheath on his hip, making sure the rest of his weapons were concealed as well. Back in his room, he grabbed his truck keys and wallet, patting his pocket for his cell, when Tierney’s voice filled his head.
‘Sami, the big bad wolf is going with you. Can you drop him off at Club Purgatori?’ She spoke to him telepathically.
Sami snorted at her humor. ‘I guess. I’m leaving now though.’
‘He’s already waiting at your truck with Bird Boy,’ Tierney said.
‘Oh-kay,’ he said.
‘Oh, and I know things have been insane, but we need to talk about what to get Thaniel for Christmas.’
Sami groaned. With all that had been going on lately, he hadn’t even given Christmas a second thought. ‘Yeah, okay…’ Shit!
Sami glanced out his window, looked down at where he’d parked his Chevy pickup, and chuckled. Bird Boy! What an appropriate name for the Phoenix. While freeing and rescuing a bunch of prisoners from the Ilyium, Sami had spotted Brimstone in one of the torture chambers. The guy was the spitting image of the woman Sami had watched being thrown into the fire mere days before. Sami freed him, wanting to question him but as they were making their escape from the mine, Brimstone quickly passed out from his injuries. So Sami just brought him home with them instead.
When he’d recovered enough to get around, Brimstone asked for a ride to Spokane claiming he needed to find his sisters, one of whom was his twin. They gently tried to tell him that his twin was dead but he just laughed, telling them that he and his siblings were Phoenix and to them, fire was re-birth.
They’d been stunned when he transformed into his Phoenix form right there in the living room. A pair of large, shiny black wings sprouted from his back, each feather a thin, black, razor sharp obsidian knife. His hands turned into lethal looking claws and grey eyes glowed while the rest of him, from what Sami could see, remained the same.
“I can fly, but I avoid it during the day—causes problems with the humans,” he told them with a bit of humor.
Sami struggled to take it all in, then deciding he needed to see the guy’s sister for himself, alive and well, had offered him a ride to the city.
Now, Sami hurried down the stairs nearly running into Genna, who was helping Caden into the great room. “What you in such a blasted hurry for?” Genna asked, glaring up at him.
Sami scanned the great room for Thaniel, the shy twenty-year old newly turned Were-leopard. “Sorry, I’m heading into the city.”
“Ohhh. You’re looking for the firecracker girly.” Genna grinned.
Fire cracker girly? Sami rolled his eyes and ignoring Genna, he glanced at Caden. The poor guy was healing human-slow. Sami didn’t envy him. “How ya doing?” he asked him. This was the first time he’d seen Caden since they’d brought him home two days ago.
“I’m okay, thanks.” Caden shrugged then winced and tried to hide it. Genna’s eyes flashed with exasperation.
“No, it’s obvious you’re not, idiot,” she muttered as she helped him over to sit on one of the couches. “Stay,” she commanded with a warning look. Caden took a deep breath but didn’t say anything as Genna headed into the kitchen.
Sami shook his head and began to turn away to go look for Thaniel, when Caden spoke. “Thanks for letting us stay here.”
Glancing back at him, Sami gave him a nod. “No problem.” I really hope it won’t be a problem...
Caden was the son of their enemy and while they weren’t very keen on him being here, Genna had helped them find Jax. All she asked in return was Tierney give them a safe place to stay. Of course, at the time they didn’t know Caden was the Master’s son. Although, it really wouldn’t have a made any difference, they had been desperate to find Jax.
Sami headed down the hall and hesitated before Zander’s door. A moment later, he eased the door open. Jax sat in a chair beside Zander’s bed, staring at the man who had raised him and Sami, loving and caring for them as a father should.
“Hey.” Sami stepped into the room and was startled to notice that Jax still looked a little rough from his time with the Ilyium, although his visible scars had miraculously healed. Why didn’t I notice that earlier? But then again, his mind had been on other things lately.
“You heading out then?” Jax asked, looking up at him.
Sami nodded, eyes widening at the mark on Jax’s neck. “Yeah…is that…?”
Realizing where his brother was looking, Jax nodded. “Yeah.”
The mark was a dragon eye rune that Jax had gotten when he bonded with Tierney.
“Cool,” Sami said then with a sigh, he looked towards the bed where Zander lay unmoving in his magical coma.
“I don’t get it, why isn’t he healed yet?” Jax asked, frowning at Zander.
Sami shook his head. “The healer says some kind of spell was done on him—”
“Fucking assholes, I’d love to tear them a new one,” Jax growled.
“They sure like to make us suffer.” Sami tried not to think of the condition they had found Zander and Jax in when they rescued them.
“Someone needs to make them suffer,” Jax muttered.
“Yeah…well, I’ll see ya later,” Sami said, heart heavy as he turned away. He walked out shutting the door softly behind him and headed down the hall to Thaniel’s room.
Pausing in the open doorway, he glanced over at the large bed, not surprised to see it perfectly made. Thaniel had yet to sleep in it. Sami’s gaze swept the room and found Thaniel sitting on the floor in human form in the corner. It was a spot chosen, whether consciously or subconsciously, so that no one could sneak up on him.
It was sad seeing him this way. In the first few days after Thaniel joined them, Sami and Tierney often found him there, alone and scared until Tierney asked if Thaniel would like to sleep in her room. Although still leery of everyone, Thaniel had nonetheless gone up and slept on the floor by Tierney’s bed. After they found Jax and brought him home, Tierney put him in her room while he recovered. Thaniel, who’d been sleeping on the floor beside the large bed, climbed up to sleep at the foot of the bed instead. None of them was sure if he just wanted to be closer to Jax and Tierney, and felt more comfortable about it, or if it was a protective instinct in him being a Were-leopard.
Sami had thought Thaniel was adjusting to his new home but maybe he was wrong. Fear shone bright in Thaniel’s eyes as he stared at Sami through his long pale-blond hair. Sami started into the room then stopped himself and rested a hand on the doorframe. His protective instincts were surging through him. The same instincts that Tierney and Jax spoke of when they first rescued Thaniel from the Were-wolf den in Spokane.
“Hey, ah…are you okay?” Sami asked, wondering what had set Thaniel off this time.
When they had found Thaniel curled into a ball on a nasty mattress, they thought he was a young girl of about twelve or fourteen, but quickly realized how wrong they were. Though terrified, filthy, and starved, Thaniel was actually a young man of twenty. They fed him, bought him some clothes, and took him to their apartment in the city to shower and clean up. They’d been shocked when he stepped into the kitchen where they waited.
Thaniel’s tangled, muddy-brown hair, once washed and brushed, was a waist long silky whitish-blond. It hung in his face partially hiding his perfect  features. Still, his looks were ethereal with long eyelashes and slightly darker eyebrows over pale blue eyes. Although Thaniel looked young and innocent, once you gazed into his eyes, you saw pain, suffering, and fear.
“How ya doing?” Sami asked now, hating that Thaniel still didn’t trust them and was still afraid. A lifetime of abuse, fending for himself alone, and then captivity hadn’t taught him anything else.
Watching Thaniel’s shoulders lift in a faint shrug, Sami’s heart went out to him. Though only a year younger than him and Tierney, the poor guy had led a brutal, loveless life. As many problems as Sami had, he’d always be grateful for his family’s love and would never trade it for anything.
Now, the look in Thaniel’s eyes made him even more grateful and wishing he could somehow ease the guy’s fear. They tried to tell him that this was his home, for good if he wanted it, but Thaniel had no reason to trust them and found it hard to believe they could want him here. “So, I’m heading into the city…I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you,” Sami said.
Thaniel blinked in surprise then just as quickly, suspicion set in. Sami’s heart twisted with sadness but he pushed on. “In my room, I have monitors set up showing various angles of the property. Would you mind checking them once in awhile? You don’t have to do anything…” Sami waved his hand to give him a kind of whatever display.
At his words, Thaniel’s eyes grew wider and he perked up a bit then nodded showing he was willing to help. “Okay.”
Sami wanted to smile and cry at the same time that something so simple could make Thaniel happy. Well, maybe not happy but anyway, happier than he was. “You don’t have to stay up there. With the Okami wolves keeping an eye on things, we’re pretty protected but I’d just like you to go in and check every so often…if you don’t mind?” Sami said.
Thaniel nodded and climbed fluidly to his feet. In just seven days, he’d already put on some weight and muscled up. It was amazing what having food to eat will do, and his improving health was nice to see. He’d been skin and bones when they found him and had a hard time controlling his shift into his leopard. Then when they got him home, he’d been too shy to eat much or help himself. It wasn’t until Tierney told him that if he ate whenever he was hungry, he’d have an easier time controlling his Were-leopard. That seemed to help.
“Okay, well…if you see someone or something out of the ordinary, tell Tierney or Jax, okay?” Sami said. Thaniel nodded and Sami gave him a little smile. Sami only hoped the monitors wouldn’t intimidate him. They had introduced him to the different game consoles and showed him how to work the TV, but Thaniel didn’t seem interested. The only thing that seemed to interest him was books, so Sami gave him a couple of fantasy books to read. Thaniel had been thrilled and when he wasn’t sitting in his corner, he was reading. He had told them about his friend, Real, who had protected him out on the streets and taught him to read.
Once Sami reached his truck where Brimstone and Soroyan waited already inside, he climbed in. Brimstone turned to him with a grin. Wondering why, but not saying a word, Sami put the key in the ignition, started the truck and putting it in drive, started down the gravel driveway.
“So, that’s a sweet place you guys have there, tons of room,” the slender, dark haired Phoenix between Sami and Soroyan, the enforcer for the Okami wolves said. Soroyan was the big bad wolf that Sami needed to drop off at Club Purgatori.
“Ah, yeah…” Sami glanced in the rearview mirror at the massive log building that used to be a resort before they moved in fourteen years ago.
They drove in silence for a couple of minutes before Brimstone turned his silver eyes on Soroyan. “So, you smell like a wolf, but not like a Were…what are you?”
Sami almost choked at how blunt Brimstone was and glanced over to see Soroyan glowering at the guy. Sami didn’t think the big bad wolf would answer so he was surprised when Soroyan said, “No, not Werewolf. Okami wolf.”
“Okami, huh? Never heard of em.” Brimstone shrugged.
“Well, you do know Were’s, like Werewolves, are humans that have been bitten right?” Sami asked.
“Yeah, so?” It was obvious Brimstone didn’t understand where Sami was going with this, if he understood exactly what Weres were in the first place.
“Well, after they’re bitten, they can shift into wolf form but have no control during a full moon. The Okami are wolves that can take human form. They haven’t been bitten, but instead are born that way and just like you shift into a Phoenix, their shift is also instantaneous,” Sami explained.
“And we are not controlled by the moon,” Soroyan added gruffly.
“Huh…” Brimstone started to say something, but just simply nodded like it all made sense, then looked at Sami, “Well, I know you’re not human, and I don’t think you’re any kind of Were, so what are you?”
“Why do you think I’m not human?” Sami asked, in part out of curiosity and in part, to buy time as he decided how much he wanted to say.
“You don’t smell like a human or a Were so…”
Sami took his eyes off the road for a moment to glance at Brimstone who looked small sitting between him, and Soroyan’s six-foot-five bulkier frame. After spending years keeping their secret safe, Sami wasn’t sure what to tell the guy. Yeah, Brimstone trusted them with his secret, but Sami didn’t know how carefully he guarded that secret. “We’re immortals,” he finally said.
Brimstone looked at him skeptically. “That’s it, immortals?” His eyes narrowed in suspicion as if he didn’t believe him.
Turning back to the road, Sami nodded. He wasn’t about to tell Brimstone they were Dracones or where they come from.
“So why then were you so upset when you thought my sister was dead? I mean, other than the obvious of seeing someone thrown into a fire,” Brimstone asked wryly, making Sami shift uncomfortably in his seat.
“It’s complicated,” he said and heard Soroyan snort but the guy didn’t take his dark gaze from the passing scenery.
“Well, Hellfire is one of a kind…” Brimstone paused for a second before saying, “I know there’s something going on with you regarding my sister, but I gotta tell you man…Hellfire, she isn’t like normal women. She is extremely independent, and more likely to kick your ass as speak to you.”
“What’s with the names?” Sami asked, ignoring his comment.
Brimstone snorted. He directed his gaze back on the road in front of them for a moment. “Our parents wanted us to be mean.”
At Sami’s frown, he chuckled. “Really, it’s the truth. They waited till each child was a few months old before naming us. Seems to have worked too since I have two older siblings who are twenty-eight, twins as well and mean as sin. Then there’s Hellfire and me. We’re twenty-four. Trust me when I tell you, I’m the nicest of the four of us. Although our baby sister, who we call Nix, is twenty and the sweetest girl you could ever meet.”
“They’re usually the deadliest,” Soroyan commented, still staring out his window at the forest. Sami shot Soroyan a surprised glance. It was hard to tell if the guy was joking or not and right now, he looked like he’d rather be out in the forest instead of riding to the city.. “Where are your parents?” he asked then, glancing back at Brimstone.
“They died five years ago.”
“Oh, sorry man…”
“Yeah.” Brimstone didn’t say anymore.
“So, how’d you get caught anyway?” Sami asked, referring to finding Brimstone in the mine the Ilyium had used as a stronghold two days ago.
“Well, Nix and I went looking for a new place to live. We try not to stay in one place too long.” Brimstone paused, trying not to show how worried he was about his baby sister. “Nix was tired so I left her at our new digs and went back to the warehouse for our belongings. That’s where the Were-wolves ambushed me. They knocked me out with a tranq’ dart and delivered me to a crazy-ass fucking weirdo—Val Jean.”
“I’ve heard that name before,” Sami said with a frown, trying to remember where.
“Yeah, guy thinks he’s some kind of fucking King. He got really angry…said I wasn’t the Phoenix he wanted. He threatened the wolves then had me shipped off to the Ilyium, where you found me. That was about a week ago now,” Brimstone said.
Sami noted the furrow between Brimstone’s eyebrows and the sudden way he grew silent. Sami wondered if there was more Brimstone wasn’t telling them.
“Who do you think Val Jean really wanted?” Sami asked noticing that Soroyan was suddenly paying attention.
“Do you know where they took you, where this Val Jean is?” Soroyan interrupted.
“No, I have no idea,” Brimstone said and Sami caught the tinge of worry in his voice. “Anyway, I’ve been caught before only it hadn’t been so bloody hard to escape, but this time…well…I figured I was dead until you showed up. Thanks for that, by the way.”
“You’re welcome,” Sami said, pushing the memories away of what had happened in the mine the other day. “I’m glad your brother is okay too,” Brimstone said.
Sami nodded not saying anything else even as his thoughts went to the power Tierney had used, and how she had brought Jax back to life.
“Though that was some crazy-cool shit…and the magic you guys have…how’s Tierney’s dad doing anyway?” Brimstone asked. Sami knew he was still trying to figure out what Sami, Tierney, and Jax were.
“Zander? He’ll be okay—eventually. Unfortunately, the Ilyium did something that slowed his healing,” Sami said.
“Bastards,” Brimstone growled, and then sighed. “Don’t know what I’d do if something happened to Nix. She’s too innocent and trusting, and way too pretty for her own good making her a magnet for creeps.”
Although Sami worried over his brother and Tierney, at least he knew they were both tough as nails. “That’s gotta be scary.”
“Yeah, it is, she’s the perfect target for assholes. Lord knows, the rest of us have kicked a few shit-heads just for looking at her wrong.” Brimstone swallowed hard. “God, if the wolves have gotten a hold of her…she’s the heart of our family, all that holds us together most of the time.”
Sami nodded, hoping nothing bad had happened to the girl. “That’s Tierney. She holds all of us together too.”
Brimstone nodded but didn’t say anything more.

What others are saying…

Sheri-Lynn Marean did it again! She captured my attention within the first few pages, leaving me feeling satisfied about reading her latest addition and craving more. This author is different from most when it comes to her series. I find others are very repetitive in their writings,constant use of same words or sentences, no real individuality for each book, just different characters. Revelations focuses on Sami and his inner demons past and present.
Just like any war there are many battles and obstacles to overcome. Can he find happiness after Hellfire, his destined soulmate? Can he ever make peace with his traumatic childhood and stop blaming himself? Can he learn to be honest about his feelings and stop hiding his pain from his closest loved ones? Only one way to find out and that is by reading the newest addition in the series, I promise you won't be disappointed. ~ Samaria ~ Goodreads Reviewer


Sheri-Lynn Marean and her stories just want to make me squeal with excitement. Dracones is such a different type of Dragon story. The perspective of the children growing up and not fully understanding what a Dragon is capable of makes these so interesting. And this is only the 2nd book. Wow.
    Dracones Awakening is the first book and explains their journey to Earth and Jax and Tierney part.
    Dracones Revelations is the 2nd book and it centers on Jax's brother Sami. His inner struggle with his Dragon and not being able to get the girl Hellfire out of his mind. Hellfire in my opinion will tee you off more than once here, she sure did me lol.
    I loved the creativity of the characters. I felt their pain and suffering, their hopes and dreams, everything!! That is when you know it's a wonderful book to read, one you can get lost in. Sweet. ~ Sharon ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Other works from Sheri-Lynn Marean…

Dracones Awakening (Dracones, #1)
Dracones Awakening by Sheri-Lynn Marean
Dracones Series; Book 1
327 Pages
Published: March 8, 2016
Published by: Sheri-Lynn Marean

Purchase Links:
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~Meet Sheri-Lynn Marean~

Sheri-Lynn Marean, Author of Dracones Awakening, the first book in the Dracones series, resides in western Canada with her husband, three kids, one dog, one cat, and two fish. Sheri did not grow up thinking she would one day be an author. Instead, she grew up riding and working with racehorses, drawing and selling her animal artwork, and of course reading.

Sheri fell in love with reading at age twelve when she read The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley. She has not stopped reading. With a wide variety of reading interests, Sheri's passion presently is the paranormal romance genre.

One day, after reading an unsatisfying book, she decided she would write her own book, with her own characters, doing what she wanted them to do. She began to type and the characters came to life in her head. She has never looked back.

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