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Introducing Susan Stoker's Kindle World: MJ Nightingale's Protecting Beauty

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~ Blurb ~

John “Tex” Keegan thought his Clearwater vacation would be nothing but smooth sailing, cocktails, and baby making with his wife, Melody. But not even a week into his belated honeymoon, the past hurtles to the present to haunt him. And, the ghosts won't let go. Tex is taken back in time to a dark place, a time before he lost his leg, and before he became a Navy Seal. A time when a young Beauty suffered on his watch. And she wasn't alone. There were others. So many needless victims on his watch.

Katarina Marino has moved on with her life. Orphaned, a ward of the state, kidnapped, a sex slave, and preyed upon by a serial killer, she has been to hell and back. Though she survived it all, her past may threaten her future once more.

SEAL of Protection by Susan Stoker meets The Bounty Hunters by MJ Nightingale. What will happen when these two worlds collide? Retired Navy Seal, and former FBI agent Tex Keegan will come across his first case, the case that soured him on the slow wheels of justice, and tortured him for over a decade, making him the man he has become. Living through it again is something he never wanted to do.

Susan Stoker’s Kindle World Special Forces: Operation Alpha presents Protecting Beauty, and a Bounty Hunters Novella.



~ Excerpt ~
Tex held his wife closer. “Melody. I love you. You are my life. If it doesn't happen, I'm okay. We have Akilah. And we can adopt others if you want.” He’d said these words before. He felt her nod, but her face was still turned towards the woman on the balcony.
“I know my love. And truly I'm okay too. If it doesn't happen. . . I mean, I want it to. I want to know what it feels like to have a child grow in my belly. To feel your child grow in my belly. I want to give you that. But if it doesn't happen, I love our daughter, and there are so many other children that need parents out there, like her.”
“And I'd love that. Whatever you want to do babe, as long as it's with me,”
“Always,” she whispered into the wind still watching the beautiful woman across the sea.
Together they both watched the woman on the balcony until a very tall dark haired man joined her there. Melody and Tex watched the couple as the man took the petite brunette in his arms, his hands circling her and holding her abdomen. It was a beautiful moment. A vignette frozen in time. A moment neither would forget.
As Tex watched the remarkable scene before him, he had to admit to himself that he would love to feel his child growing inside of Melody. But above all, Melody was what had given his life meaning. If it was him, or her, that couldn't have children, he didn't care. He knew all he needed to make him complete was her. They had discussed their infertility and both had agreed to let nature take its course. They were not going to pursue medical options, or other more drastic measures. They both knew they could be happy and have a full, rich life without biological children. He felt his wife sink into him.
Her body was warm. The sweat from her back coursed down between her shoulder blades as she pressed herself into his bare chest. A swim in the cool waters of the ocean was what they both needed. He should put the motor back on and guide them further out. But something stayed him for a moment longer. It was the couple across the bay.
Tex looked more closely. His chest constricted suddenly. A memory flashed in his brain. It wasn't the couple. It was the woman. When she turned and stood in profile he was riveted and sucked in a sharp breath between his teeth. His head began to pound as the memories came flooding back. Could it be? Her? The beauty?

And here is an excerpt from Lucky Strike - Book 3 of my Mystic Nights series:
He was gasping, and so was she.
“So you'll sign my contract?” She pulled away just enough to see if he was serious.
“You bet your fucking ass I'm going to sign that contract. You’re definitely someone I want to know better, a lot better.” His head dipped down and he tasted her mouth once more. But it was less greedy, more seductive.
“Fionna will be back soon. Will you stay until after the show? We will discuss the contract, and I will sign it. I'd like very much to spend three months in Mystic. All the boys would.” His green eyes turned molten. His message was clear.
He parted from her, and went to unlock the door as she straightened her clothes. Her lips felt well kissed. And she wondered if she had just made a deal with the devil.


~Meet MJ Nightingale ~

MJ Nightingale is the author of the Secrets & Seduction Series, and The Bounty Hunters; The Marino Bros. She writes romantic suspense and erotica. She began writing young, and will soon pursue her dream of writing full time. But reading has been a part of her life since she was a child. She has been an avid lover of romance novels, and they have always held a special place in her heart. When not working, or writing, or spending time with her children, she devours books all summer long, and any type of fiction; thrillers, crime, suspense, contemporary, and drama.

In 2016 MJ will begin rolling out her new series of romantic suspense novels; Mystic Nights. It will feature Mystic Nights Casino and the family that runs it.

She currently lives in Florida with her wonderful husband, and sons. And, she loves to hear from her readers.

You can contact her on facebook, twitter, and Instagram, or visit her website.

~Connect with MJ ~


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