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Book Tour... Marie Lavendar's Blue Vision

By the Best Selling Author of Upon Your Return

Release Date: November 13, 2016

Brooke Sanders just wants to get away from her life for a while. A remote cabin in Montana fits the bill. She doesn’t expect to encounter a mysterious stranger with unusual blue eyes, or events that cannot be explained…

Colin Fielding is on a mission – scout a planet and return home to Endhivar. Simple really. What he doesn’t anticipate is that fate has a pretty twisted sense of humor. Suddenly, this human calls to him, every part of him, like the call of a true mate, and he can’t deny the connection as he gets closer to her.

Little do they know, someone is out to do them harm, as well as the world Brooke holds so dear. Can they stop what’s coming before it’s too late? Or will the universe lose a perfect gem?

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What people are saying:

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews
“Brook is from earth, and Colin is from Endhivar and the connection is beyond chemistry. The story is well written and is very intense. The story takes the reader on a journey to another world, and there is a great deal of suspense, as there is someone lurking in the dark. The fate of two worlds are at stake, and this story keeps the reader on the edge of the seat, waiting to turn to the next page.”

“Marie Lavender’s Blue Vision: Code of Endhivar Series is an entertaining, well-paced romance read, starring a hunky alien explorer, a rough landing, and a woman on a solitary holiday. The book definitely has a number of strong points, not least of which the author’s undoubted imagination and story-telling ability. It’s also very solid technically, which I always appreciate: there are no typos and other grammatical nuisances to yank a reader out of the story, and the scene-setting is evocative and detailed.

“I love sci fi and romance.  I enjoyed Blue Vision.  The writing was good, the concept was great and the little twists that Marie Lavender put in throughout the book kept me guessing.  Plus, I got a happy little epilogue at the end which always makes me happy.
Brooke wants to get away from things for a while and heads to Montana and a cabin in the middle of nowhere.  Enter Collin…an alien.  Yep, folks.  Collin is a sexy, snarky alien with secrets.  The chemistry between these two was great!
Blue Vision has a lot to offer…aliens, romance, chemistry, secrets and danger.  It’s a wild ride you will definitely enjoy!”

“this read has all the feels (and then some) that you could imagine with a story to back it up. The author utilizes her writing experience and spins a tale with appeal for sci-fi fans and newbies alike. She gives us the big "what if" as well as the potential for a happily-ever-after, while still having us keep a wary eye on the horizon.”

“I have only just begun reading alien romances within the last year. I found Blue Vision a compelling read. With well developed characters and a solid plot you will find yourself falling into the story. Marie Lavender's writing skills will make you believe you are truly right in the middle of the story as events take place. If you enjoy paranormal romances then be sure to get a copy of Blue Vision for yourself. My only complaint is the ending left me wanting more. ”

“I'm not usually a fan of the paranormal genre but have read books before by Lavender and agreed to be a beta reader for this book. Blue Vision was more enjoyable than I expected even with the paranormal twist. The book flowed effortlessly and kept my interest throughout.”

Hines & Bigham’s Literary Tryst
“Blue Vision puts a romantic and erotic spin on alien/human relationships. There is a little bit of an altercation, but not really any suspense leading up to it. It’s like ‘Bam! Yep, that just happened and now lets continue with the regularly scheduled programming.’ The relationship between Brooke and Colin is unusual since he tries denying his feelings and basically forcing her to forget about him by using one of his not so nice alien gifts; not that it works. After that it just sort of evolves, and considering her holdups on relationships it happens pretty quickly.

To me this can be read as a standalone. There’s a HEA and although you might want more there’s no need for it.”

Author Bio:
Marie is the bestselling multi-genre author of UPON YOUR RETURN and 22 other books. She’s the March 2016 Empress of the Universe title - winner of the "Broken Heart" themed contest and the "I Love You" themed contest on Poetry Universe. Her novels, SECOND CHANCE HEART and A LITTLE MAGICK placed in the TOP 10 on the 2015 P&E Readers' Poll.

Among her other accomplishments are a nomination in the TRR Readers' Choice Awards for Winter 2015, the Versatile Blogger Award for 2015, honorable mention in the 2014 BTS Red Carpet Book Awards as well as the January 2014 Reader's Choice Award, finalist and Runner-up in the 2014 MARSocial's Author of the Year Competition, Liebster Blogger Award for 2013 and 2014, top 10 Authors on, and winner of the Great One Liners Contest on the Directory of Published Authors as well as Poetry winner of the 2015 PnPAuthors Contest.

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