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Aaron L Speer's Night Walker | #FAA3 #FosterAnAuthor3 @Aaron_Speer

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Night Walker  
Undeadly Secrets, #1


Raised by her Aunt, Alexandra Hensley grew up determined to put the past behind her.  The father who died when she was just a baby. The institutionalized mother who had no memory of her.

Now in her twenties, she's created a new family: boyfriend Matt and best friend Lauren.

When the trio meet Dante Delavega, owner of the hottest nightclub in Sydney, he hovers over Alex, all but completely ignoring her friends. His actions cause tensions to arise between the three.

Alex doesn't want to lose Matt or Lauren but learns Dante holds the key to her past. When she discovers what really happened to her parents, she unlocks an Australian secret kept hidden since the First Fleet.

But no truth comes without a cost and a secret of this magnitude has only remained hidden due to one simple rule: they join us or die. Suddenly, Matt and Lauren disappear and Dante's greatest battle begins. Can he truly save Alex? Or will Alex have to make the ultimate sacrifice, for those she loves?

**Intended for 18+. Some scenes may be too intense for some readers.**
All available on Kindle Unlimited


Lauren slammed the bathroom door just before Alex could reach it.

“Loz, please…Can we talk about this? I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

Alex had taken Dante’s request to heart and tried to warn her roommate to stay away from Ryan. It was evening and Lauren had just arrived home having not gone to work, according to the messages on their answering machine from her boss wondering where she was. Lauren had barely muttered a hello before getting changed to go out again, saying she was meeting Ryan at his place. But Alex was more than worried now. Something was really off. She’d expected resistance when she told Lauren to stop seeing Ryan, but had hoped to have a rational discussion about it. Despite everything, when it came down to it, Alex knew Lauren could be sensible, and they usually trusted each other’s “vibes” about guys. But this time, when Alex made the request, Lauren erupted in a volcano of shouts and curses and slamming things. The temper tantrum finally culminated in Alex dodging a coffee mug thrown at her, before Lauren stormed off into the bathroom. This was definitely not her best friend’s normal behaviour.

Alex sighed and waited. After a couple of minutes, the door opened a crack; Lauren peeked through at Alex.

“Are you going to mind your own business?”

“I’m just trying to look out for you.”

“Really?” Lauren said, swinging the door open. “It looks like you’re trying to run my life. Is that how things work now? You’re miserable, so you have to make sure I am too?”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Now things have gone to shit with your man, you think everyone ought to feel bad. How many times have Matt and I had arguments over the years you’ve been dating? The guy is fine as a friend, but he’s a fuckwit as a boyfriend. But I have never ever given you shit about him. We are friends, and for some unknown reason, you say you love him. Whatever. Then the one time I get a guy that I really like, you tell me I should stay away from him because you don’t like him. Can you understand how I would get pissed off?”

“Don’t you think my warning you means I think it’s really serious then? I would never do anything to hurt you, but look at yourself, babe. You look terrible. I can tell something is wrong with you.”

“I feel fine,” Lauren said, looking peaked, a sheen of sweat on her forehead. “Loz…please just talk to me.” Alex placed her hands on Lauren’s shoulders. “Are you afraid of something?”

Lauren’s eyes flicked down to the ground, something she did when she was uncertain, but the moment was gone again in a second. “Afraid? Of course not!” Lauren was vehement, shaking her head and struggling loose from Alex’s grip. “Look you’ve made your point, ok?”

“It’s not just me who has asked you to be careful, Loz. Dante told me to warn you as well.”“What was that?” Lauren snapped, whipping her head around. “Dante told you? Dante told you! And what exactly did he say?”

“That Ryan is dangerous. He warned me to tell you to stay away from him.”

“Oh, of course he did,” Lauren said, smiling in a way Alex had never seen before. “Well, it all makes sense now. Come up with this idea together, did you? I guess Matt was right. You get Matt jealous by spending time with the guy I wanted, and Dante gets me to break up with Ryan so we can go back to the way he kept me dangling? I don’t think so.”

“He didn’t keep you dangling. This has got nothing to do with him and you. He told me he doesn’t like you, he never has.”

Lauren stopped, suddenly lost for words. Alex saw her shocked expression and thought that maybe she had got through to her finally. Lauren slowly slung her purse over her shoulder, never keeping her eyes off the ground.

“But…he likes you. He would gladly part those skinny legs of yours, right?” Lauren said, menace in her tone. “I think I figured out why Matt only lasts a minute with you. It’s the same reason I see the way he looks at me. One of these days I just might show him what a real woman can do.”

With that Lauren turned on her heel and marched out, leaving a breathless Alex standing in the living room, wondering what the hell just happened and where her best friend had gone. That sure as hell wasn’t her.

What Others Are Saying:

“Move over Rice and Meyer…” -- The Lawless Land of Books

“Haven’t seen vampires this well created since Lestat…” --  Valerie Roeseler: Author

“I was definitely impressed...this one grabbed my attention from the get go…” -- Ravannah Rayne: Vampire Forums

“Mr. Speer has a way with words and storytelling that kept me turning pages” -- Book Relations Book Blog

Author Bio:

I love writing adult paranormal fiction. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts....oh my. I've been writing since I was 11 but I've always been a dreamer......often getting caught staring off into space as I created stories in my mind.

One of my recent stories, Night Walker (Undeadly Secrets Series Book 1), won the 2017 Golden Stake Award at the International Vampire Film and Arts Festival held in Transylvania annually. I'm still quite chuffed about walking away with it after facing some great contenders.

The Fourth book in what some refer to as The Undeadly Secrets Saga will release in early 2018. I also have a short story thriller series, The Independents, and will be branching out into other genres in the coming year.

My favorite activities include spending time with family, dragging my forever patient wife to watch my beloved St George Illawarra Dragons, popping into the movies for the latest blockbusters, going to the gym for my dream body. Or just a body. Anything, really.

My beautiful wife and I welcomed our first child into the world in 2017. My fans have declared him the Prince of Speerverse and claim he seems to take after me in his want to build the tension as high as possible...making us and our loved ones wait 3 long days for him to make his entrance.  My wife and I live with the love of our lives in Sydney, Australia; the setting for the majority of my works.

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