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Christina Butrum's Fairshore Series | #FAA3 #FosterAnAuthor3 @AuthorCButrum

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Second Chances
Fairshore Series
Book 1

Amelia Edwards was a normal twenty year old. She had the perfect life. She had loving parents, a good job, and what she had thought, a perfect relationship with Ryan Andrews. Until one day, after being in a relationship for five years, she showed up at Ryan's to tell him she was pregnant. Her perfect life shattered in an instant.

After devastation and heartache, she finds control in her life. She leaves Linford and her past behind her. She takes a leap of faith and moves to Fairshore, eighty miles from her hometown.

Is eighty miles far enough away from her past? Or will her past follow her?

What she finds in Fairshore is more than she imagined. Expecting nothing more than a fresh start, she soon realizes everyone gets a second chance.

There is only one question to answer: Is she prepared for her second chance with romance?

Unexpected Chances
Fairshore Series
Book 2

Amelia loves the life she has in Fairshore. She has a nice house, a best friend, and the man of her dreams. She’s happier than she has ever been, and she couldn’t ask for more. 

Her relationship with Zach is almost perfect, but even Fairshore can’t protect them from the obstacles they have yet to face. Zach’s past has arrived in Fairshore and has threatened to change their relationship forever. 

Amelia and Zach are determined now more than ever to stay together. Zach insists on facing their challenges one day at a time. They soon realize unexpected chances will decide the outcome of their relationship.

Fair Chances
Fairshore Series; Book 3

After many obstacles and heartache, Amelia and Zach find hope. With their recent engagement and their anticipation of the arrival of their little one, they look forward to their bright and promise-filled future together - as a family. 

Amelia occupies her spare time by helping by helping her mother and her best friend, Bailey, plan for her baby shower and the wedding. Even though Amelia and Zach cannot agree on a date, Amelia has her heart set on marrying the man of her dreams. 

Just when they believe their life is perfect and cannot get better than it is, they face yet another heartache.

But with Zach's plan, there's a fair chance everything will be okay.

About the Author:
Christina Butrum is a Contemporary Romance author who enjoys writing sweet, swoon-worthy romances. Christina began her career as an Indie Author in 2015 when she published the Fairshore Series.

Christina plans to continue writing and publishing swoon-worthy romance stories for her readers to enjoy.

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