Saturday, October 13, 2018

Coming Soon... Ellen Mint's Fever

FEVER by Ellen Mint
Inquisition Series -- Book Two
Release Date: October 23, 2018
Genre: Romance Suspense


Hot soldier + brilliant doctor = a thrilling romance in the desert sands.

Doctor Mae Jones had no idea when she agreed to assist the army in vaccinating children half-way around the world what she’d face. She didn’t sign up for a sexy British officer trailing her every move, his giddy smile and sunshine good-looks distracting her. Nor did she expect the sudden rebel attacks and bullets flying while she attempts to try to cure an unexplainable virus about to threaten the whole world. It’s up to her to try and stop a war before it even begins while she keeps falling for this man who’s her total opposite in every way but the heart.

In the second entry of the Inquisition series, this stand-alone novel presents Alistair Young. For those tired of the alpha who want someone sweet as cotton candy, Alistair is your man. Easy on the eyes, and light on the heart — he’s prone to cracking jokes and playing card games with the sick kids. For all his easy-going ways he knows how dangerous growing close to the new genius doctor can be, but he can’t look away either.

Mae stretched her arms over her back and tried to crack her neck. After digging into her eyes a moment she glanced back at her barely silent partner, “Tell me we’re finished.”
The captain’s smile resumed, not that it ever dimmed much. “Yeah, once the sun’s heading down, it’s over. How are you holding up?”
Her legs ached and her butt was going numb. Not that she was going to tell him that. Not as if he could assist in any way. Stop staring. “Good,” Mae settled for being the not-complaining doctor. With no work ahead of her, her stomach chose that moment to rise from its destitute state. “Hungry though.”
“I’ve got an idea. Uh, give me a few to clear things,” he moved to step out of his imposed corner. In the tight space of a room crammed with a medical table, her examination desk chair, and the fridge, there wasn’t much room left. Alistair’s warm shoulder accidentally grazed against Mae’s. She gulped at the contact, absently rubbing it when he slid out the door.
“Should I do anything to prepare?” Mae called to him.
Alistair turned to look over his shoulder, “Maybe get into something more comfortable?” Her eyes shot open wide and he gasped, “I didn’t mean. Uh, not like that that! Just, you won’t need your lab coat. If you want a t-shirt or…” he rubbed a hand over his head, mussing up the tall hair, “never mind. Do whatever you want. Meet you by the tents in five.”
With that, he dashed away, his cheeks a fiery red. She hated to even think it, but his bumbling was sort of adorable. Really adorable.
Oh, come on, Mae. He’s a random grunt in the army. A random grunt with a delectable British accent, a body carved by the gods of old, and a smile brighter than the sun.

About the Author:

Ellen Mint adores the adorkable heroes who charm with their shy smiles and heroines that pack a punch. She recently won the Top Ten Handmaid's Challenge on Wattpad where hers was chosen by Margaret Atwood herself. Along with her husband and black lab, she spends a lot of time with her skeletons -- don't worry, they're just Halloween props.

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