~ Get to Know Us...

Hi and Welcome to Paging Through The Days.

My name is Barb and I’d like to introduce myself and three of my favorite people. When I started this blog it was just me. Then Emmy came along and was pulled into the ropes of chaos and books. Then came Jess and Lauren. We are the crazy book ladies people's warned ya about. (laughs)

Without further ado….


Hi, again. (waves)

I'm Barb, the book-a-holic. I’m Texas born and bred. Loud and proud redneck. I have no filter, am brutally honest and did I mention I have no filter? If it’s in my head it’s coming out of my mouth. I currently reside in South Carolina where I live with and help take care of my aging parents, an aunt and my spoiled princess of a furbaby, Dixie.  

I hold down a full time job, which I have been at now for 17 years and it’s a job that I love, even through the stressful times. That is where I met Emmy, almost 10 years ago. We hit it right off cause the woman has a heart of gold, a love of all things Stephen King and music. Can you say “Insta-friends”?

I also spend any free minute I have writing. Yes, I am joining the ranks of the fandom. My debut novel, "My Own Nightmare" will be releasing November 29th and I am so excited! There will be many books to come (as I have written 4 now and two more are in the process of being written). You can find out more about my books here: Barb Shuler - Goodreads Page

I’m a horror junkie, book nerd who has a love of all things creepy, scary and supernatural. I blame my daddy. He corrupted me as a little kid with horror movies. The first one I ever saw was The Exorcist. I was 5-6ish. Scared the mess out of me. But I threw a fit to watch it with them. Then I didn’t sleep for a week. Haha. The addiction was started then and now it’s bad. I make Jessica watch them with me (and yes, she hides under the blankets) because Emmy and Lauren are chickens and won't watch them with me. :) Oh and yeah, love reading about serial killers and all that. No I am not a creepy lady, just fascinated by how crazy people can be. There is an unsolved mystery there. That is what gets me wondering, “What if?” Call it weird, its.. just there.

I have learned over the last two years that my love for books has grown ten fold as I hit adulthood. I love books. Period. They're like my crack. I read as a child but not like I do now. I read what school said I had to.. and the New kids on the Block book .. lol… but there wasn’t much else. I read my first Stephen King book at the age of 8.. maybe 9ish and was hooked. Pet Sematary. God, I love that book. I am the proud (very proud, I should say) owner of a complete Stephen King collection. Yes, I own every Stephen King book. And I had to pay out of the butt for some of the older ones but they are worth it. SK for me is one of those people if I were ever to meet I would just turn into a puddle and cry of extreme happiness. My heart would most likely sputter and I’d keel over.

I’ve become friends with a few authors since I started this blog. Some of the sweetest, most awesome people you will ever meet. I have even been given the honor of working closely with a few authors as their PA (personal assistant) and to be perfectly honest, it’s amazeballs. I love what I do here and I hope you can all enjoy it as well. Let us lead you to your next book boyfriend, your next adventure or your next escape into the world you could only dream of.


Hello all, I’m Emmy.  **waves**

As Barb mentioned above, she and I are BFFs and co workers.  And we share a brain, occasionally.  That can be dangerous. (lol)  I live out in the country with my wonderful husband Jeff, my brother Doug, and my two children/furbabies.  

I have loved to read ever since early childhood. I still count my first grade teacher as one of my top favorite people ever, for teaching me how to read. I am a fan of Stephen King, Metallica,  Star Trek, all things paranormal, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, the Marvel Universe and anything having to do with mythology and ancient history.  

I love a good murder mystery, and often joke that if a book doesn’t have a dead body on the ground in the first 20-30 pages then it won’t hold my attention.  I despise censorship, animal cruelty and whiny heroines.  I am a music freak, and am always open to something new to listen to.  I paint my nails funky colors and like to read while sitting on my front steps.  I’ve been known to lose myself in books and talk to the characters like they are sitting there beside me.  (what, you don’t do that?)  

I’m part hippie, a little redneck...and usually a suspect lol.  Barb and I are partners in literary crime and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Hi. My name is Jessica McBee.

I am from North Carolina where I love with my furbaby Kip. I am a self-proclaimed book nerd; a proud one at that. When I don't have my nose in my kindle I work as a restaurant manager for a hotel.

Before I had my job at the hotel I worked as a pastry Chef. I am passionate about my life, my friends and my job. I like to travel and recently I started to attend a few of the Author Events (that are within driving distance) and have met some really wonderful people. Made new friends and have expanded my love of books.

I love reading YA and Contemporary romance novels.


Hi, my name is Lauren and I am from Sydney Australia.

I grew up in a small country town a couple of hours from Sydney and moved to the big smoke when I was 11 with my family. My mum, my dad (R.I.P) my brother and my sister. During high school I fell in love with books and reading. Like most, I was a potter-head then turned Twi-Hard, Vampire Academy soon followed by the Mortal Instruments.

It wasn't until I got my hands on Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series that I fell in love with reading again and now it's taken on a life of its own. I have two self-published works out now. You can find them here: Lauren Firminger - Goodreads Page

I will continue to read those who inspire me and blog about them!

Loves: Country Music (Chris Young in particular) MC reads, MMA fighting stories, Rocker Romance Novels, MX Boys and Ugly Cry Reads (aka anything by Lauren McKellar), long drives in the country, photography and writing.

Dislike: Staples (yes the things that hold paper together), Rudeness, Liars, Cheaters and hypocrites. Except in books. Then it's okay. CLIFF HANGERS! (Except if I have the rest of the series). Waiting! (Not a patient person..) Shopping! (people tend to annoy me in public places... Yet I go to conventions, music festivals and Football games and I am fine)

Pet Peeve: just sending back "OK" in a text message.