~ Review Guidelines, Rating Scale & What we Review....

=== As of now there are only 2 of us doing reviews (Barb & Em) so at THIS MOMENT we are NOT accepting requests. We apologize for this but we can only do so much in each day. :) ===

To keep it simple we; Emmy, Jess, Lauren and I, use the same RATING system you will see on Goodreads and Amazon.

5 – Amazing, I loved it
4 – Really liked it, on my way to loving it
3 – Liked it a little, could read more
2 – It was OK...
1 – Didn’t like it
DNF – Did not finish

(You may notice though the ‘raindrops’ are a theme here so each month the rating systems picture changes but that is only to fit the month. Everything else is the same.)

Self published authors /Indie books are more than welcome here!!

Keep in mind our reviews and our ratings are ours. We will be as honest as possible with all reviews. Not everyone will agree with them and that is okay. To each their own. We don't all like or hate the same things. Also, our review may contain spoilers but we try to keep that to a minimum. Sometimes it’s the only way to accurately say what the book was about. Though we strive to NEVER give away something that would completely ruin the book for other readers. Thankfully we have learned a lot in the last year to keep that from happening!

As with any other blog around we purchase the majority of the books we read and review. There are times that we are given books by family, friends or each other to be read and reviewed on the blog. We also receive books from Authors (Indie or Publisher supported), NetGalley, and Publishers to read and review. Again, all reviews are as honest as can be.

We do not accept monetary compensation for ANY review done on this blog. Ever. No exceptions. If you want to buy a revie, I’m sorry you are barking in the wrong bear hole.

Just a note though in accordance to our rating system. I do not believe in flaunting the fact that I gave an author a ‘bad’ or ‘low’ score or God forbid had to mark the book as DNF. You will not see any 1 star or DNF’s posted on the blog; we will keep those to our goodreads pages. If this occurs and it is a book that has been gifted to us through any of the aforementioned services we will let the author (or PR firm) know. Which unfortunately we have had to do a few times and it shreds us to do so.


If you would like a book read and reviewed by one of our bloggers please feel free to contact us (Barb & Emmy) via email ( PTTDReviews (@) gmail (.) com) and include the following:

Book Title
Link to Goodreads/Amazon
Also include if it needs to be reviewed by a certain date.

**Review copies are accepted in .mobi, PDF and paperback**

Once contact has been made we will research the book. (ie: Check Goodreads, Amazon to gather the proper information on said book then discuss it to see if it a book one of us would like to read/review.) All books will be looked at as a group and see what we can do for you. This is done to make sure we all know what books are needing reviews, since there are certain genres and story styles that some of us do not read.

Be advised at times we may not be able to accommodate your request to read books by a release date. We always try to complete a book by the release date, but if you are willing we can review then as close to that date as possible.

We are willing to read most book genres; however, we reserve the right to decline any book we as a team do not think would be a book we could/would read. This is to keep from reading something we know after researching the genre and content we wouldn’t be able to get into. We HATE to give a low score or have to DNF because we went against our better judgement.

If this is a time critical review you must tell us that when you email us.

We do not check Review Request emails daily, so again, please bare with us.
Books on this list will be read in the order received and read in between prior review obligations that we have.===

Just for reference sake here are the main groups we as individuals like to read most.

Paranormal Romance (especially SHIFTERS)
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy  
Romantic Suspense/Thriller
Military Romances
Sports Romances: Hockey; MMA; Motocross
New Adult
Contemporary Romance: Firefighters; Cops
Graphic Novels: Paranormal

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy   
Romantic Suspense/Thriller
New Adult
Erotic Romance
Contemporary Romance
Graphic Novels: Paranormal

YA (17+)
Contemporary Romance
College Romance
New Adult
Sports Romances: Any kind of sports

Contemporary Romance
New Adult
Sports Romances: MMA; Motocross; Football

***Genre's we are selective with but are willing to read/review as long as it catches my attention.***
Erotica/Hardcore Erotica (Barb/Lauren)
YA/Paranormal/Fantasy (17+) (all bloggers)
Epic Fantasy (all bloggers)

***Books we don’t read/review due to the subject***
BDSM (Barb/Jess/Lauren)

We were recently featured on THE INDIE VIEW. This may help you with questions you have of us as bloggers. > The Indie View Interview

** Please Note - Authors **
If we have read and reviewed one of your books and you are interested in us doing a promo for you of that particular book or series please contact me (Barb) via email and we can talk about it. There will be certain pieces of information asked for from you so that we can provide you the same promos as anyone else gets. It is up to you to provide said information. ***We do not charge for this, it’s simply our way of paying it forward and to say thank you for your hard work.***

If you are looking for other services please feel free to contact me (Barb) and we will see if it is something that we can assist you with and see what the fee will be for said services.

updated: 1/6/19 (BS)

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