~ Some of our Favorites

Let us introduce you to some of our favorite authors...

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Stephen King  
(B) The man is a legend. You say that name and everyone knows it. His books inspire us to want to dream big, live in other worlds and hide in the dark from the things under our beds. Well it did me anyway. His imagination never ceases to amaze me. His books are addicting to the point where sleep isn't needed. They become a part of you. And a few can scare the bejesus out of you but you just can't stop reading. It's like.. um.. it's like crack for the reader's soul.

(Em) He’s the man, what can I say?  I’ve loved him since high school.  He could publish a grocery list and make it into an adventure.  Wait, he’s kind of already did that….lol.

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Patricia Briggs
The world of Mercy Thompson is what drew me to Patricia's books. There is no two worlds that are the same but she spins it into a new level of intense, heart throbbing suspense. She has a unique ability to draw you in and let you get lost in her books. And her characters can all bring someone you know to mind, or it did for me. But the fact that Mercy is who and what she is, that's what makes it a special and intense world you want to jump head first into.

Shannon Mayer
It all started with a tracker. One lone girl and her pet werewolf... I was a goner from book one. This series (The Rylee Adamson Novels) pulls you in and leaves you foaming at the mouth. There are big things happening in the world they live in. Chaos, Love, Heartache... and then there is the sexiness of the characters. Just yeah, so damn good. its a new spin on a supernatural world that is unlike any other I have seen.

Lilliana Anderson
This lady is an awesome Aussie that has an amazing way of bringing characters to life. The "Drawn Series" was the first time I was introduced to her and from there I was hooked. She is a beautiful soul and so down to earth alongside being an amazing author.

Kim Harrison
Here witchy, witchy. My lord this lady has had an amazing run with "The Hollows Series'. Is it a favorite of mine? Dude, you know it is. There are so many characters that are intertwined throughout the series that if you don't keep up you will get lost. But... you will love it as I do. Amazing. Creative and a simple must read. But I warn you, once you start you can't stop!

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Tiffany Reisz
I fell in love with her characters.  I’m an erotica fan as well, but it has to be GOOD erotica, not just pages and pages of senseless porn.  Her characters are so layered and complicated that I could spend years just trying to figure them out.  

Laurell K Hamilton  
I know a lot of people talk junk about Anita, but I fell in love with this series right after coming off of Buffy.  It was a whole new world of vampires and weres that I wanted to immerse myself in and never leave.  And when her Merry Gentry series came out, I felt the same way.  I read these series over and over again and they led me on to Charlaine Harris and many other series of the same genre.  I give her credit for being the first (besides Anne Rice) to reintroduce me to my favorite creatures of the night.   

JK Rowling
Speaking of worlds I never wanted to leave, this is another one.

George R.R. Martin
And this world as well, haha.  Also, any world that has Tyrion Lannister in it can only be made of awesome.

Gillian Flynn
We need more female writers like her. She is not afraid to show off the dark side, and make you love it in the process.  I’ve loved all three of her books, and I can’t wait to see what twisted thing comes out of her brain next.  

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